80% of emergency patients do not have emergency conditions/ the reason why some patients are delayed in hospital emergency rooms – rahnam

Nader Tavakoli, in an interview with the social reporter of rahnam news agency, in response to the question that “one of the people’s complaints, which sometimes leads to tension in the emergency department of hospitals, is the delay of some outpatients in this department; the solution to reduce congestion and increase the speed of handling patients in What are emergencies? He stated: About 75 to 80 percent of those who refer to the emergency room of hospitals do not have an acute or urgent problem; In many cases of going to the emergency room, we see that people go to the emergency rooms of hospitals because of cold symptoms, sprained limbs, digestive problems, headaches, nausea, etc., which increases the number of visits to the emergency room and the possibility of Better service to sicker patients reduces

He added: Policies should be made to establish outpatient emergency centers so that this category of people can go to these centers instead of hospital emergency rooms.

Tavakli said: In line with the leveling of the condition of patients who refer to the emergency room, patient triage is done with the aim of separating patients who need life-saving measures from other patients, and all emergency patients must be triaged and then visited.

The head of the Iranian Emergency Medicine Association continued: Some people who go to the emergency room may have an urgent problem, for example, when a family’s child has a fever, this causes a lot of concern for that family. In this situation, a doctor should visit the patient to reassure the patient and his family that he does not have an acute problem. For these patients who think their condition is urgent, but in fact they are not in an acute condition and simply need to see a doctor, units called ” created “Fast Track” where outpatients are transferred to that unit and wait more in that unit to receive medical services. There are limited cases of these units in Iran, but unfortunately, they are not managed by emergency medicine specialists.

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