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According to the space and astronomy correspondent of rahnam news agency; Today, Sunday, the 8th of Bahman, the Simorgh satellite carrier, which was built by the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support, successfully launched the Mehda satellite and two research payloads from the Imam Khomeini (RA) base in an elliptical orbit with a minimum altitude of 450 km and a maximum altitude of 1100 km. injected

Mehda satellite is a research satellite that has been designed, built, assembled and tested at the Iranian Space Research Institute.

Mehda satellite is a 32-kilogram satellite from the series of lightweight satellites of the Iran Space Research Institute, which are designed and built to test advanced satellite subsystems. The main mission of this satellite is to check the accuracy of the Simorgh satellite carrier’s performance in multiple injections of space cargo in low earth orbit and to evaluate the performance of some new designs and the reliability of indigenous technologies in space.



Iran Space Organization

Iran Space Organization Iran Space Organization Iran Space Organization

According to this report, the Simorgh 1 satellite carrier is a two-stage liquid fuel carrier satellite that, in its seventh research launch, was able to open a new window on the country’s space launches by injecting multiple satellites.

also Isa Zarepour; Minister of Communications He also announced: Thanks to God, the 11th launch in the 13th government was successfully carried out, and for the first time, the “Simorgh” satellite carrier successfully put the Mehda satellite and 2 other research payloads into orbit, and the Mehda signal was also received.

I congratulate this important achievement to the dear people, space experts, especially my colleagues at the Space Research Institute and the Ministry of Defense.

Iran Space Organization

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