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Alireza Mir Ghafari, representative of the workers in the Supreme Labor Council in a conversation with the economic reporter of rahnam news agency; Regarding holding the third meeting of the wage committee to review the wage of 1403, he said: Considering that many questions and uncertainties were raised in the previous meeting, it was decided to hold another meeting about the regional wage and finally make a decision.

Mir Ghaffari stated that the insistence of the government (Ministry of Economy) for the implementation of regional wages is greater than that of the employers: the meeting started with the presentation of the economic deputy of the Majlis Research Center and a report on the existing indicators, the livelihood basket, food, housing costs, etc. presented and finally, focusing on the difference in housing costs, they demanded the implementation of regional wages.

The representative of the workers in the Supreme Labor Council stated that the reports of the statistics center had flaws because they had not been updated and said: In addition, the representatives in favor of the regional wage, both from the government and employers, did not respond to the flaws and uncertainties of the Social Security Organization.

The representative of the workers in the Supreme Labor Council also said about the contradiction of this proposed plan with the Labor Law: it is contrary to the Labor Law because Article 411 of the Labor Law says that the minimum wage is determined by the Supreme Labor Council every year according to the criterion of the inflation rate and the livelihood basket. . The position of labor representatives is that the subsistence basket has the minimum standards that the worker needs to be able to continue his livelihood, so before we talk about the regional wage, it is better to discuss the subsistence basket and the salary can be the subsistence basket. which is determined nationwide, then we enter the wage for different industries and regions with the bargaining structure.

He stated that we want to implement a minimum wage equal to the livelihood of the workers and stated: the wages that the workers receive with benefits is around 7 million, while the living expenses of the workers are much more than this amount, that is, the wages of the workers are about 2.5 or 3 times less. It is from the cost of the livelihood basket.

Referring to Article 8 of the Labor Law, Mir Ghaffari said: “This article states that “the conditions mentioned in the labor contract or its subsequent changes will be effective if they do not include benefits for the worker less than the privileges provided in this law.” That is, in order to change wages, legal minimums must be determined first, then higher wages will be found based on industries and regions.

He emphasized: The requirement of the labor representatives is that the minimum wage should be considered equal to the subsistence basket, and then with the structure of tripartism and bargaining for different industries and regions, the wage should be considered higher than the minimum.

He stated that almost the representatives of various institutions agreed that there are no conditions for regional wages and continued: In the previous meeting, the representative of the Majlis Research Center announced that there is no infrastructure for the implementation of regional wages, the representatives of other institutions also emphasize the implementation of regional wages, but They accepted that there are some problems and the necessary infrastructure is not provided for the implementation of this plan.

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