The Iraqi resistance attacked the American base in Al-Shadadi, Syria / Sputnik: The American base in Al-Tanf was also targeted – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, the Islamic Resistance of Iraq issued a statement on Sunday and announced that in response to the enemy’s crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza, it has targeted the American occupation base “Al-Shadadi” in eastern Syria with several drones, which directly hit the targets. The comment has been hit.

In the statement published by the Iraqi resistance, it has been stated that the fighters of the resistance, in continuation of the policy of resistance against the American occupying forces in Iraq and the region and in response to the killings of the Zionist regime against the people of Gaza, targeted the Al-Shadadi base of the American occupation forces in Syria using a drone. .

Sputnik reported that the American base was targeted in the Al-Tanf region of Syria

The Russian news agency Sputnik, quoting a field source, reported that the US military base in the Al-Tanf region, located on the Syrian-Iraq border, was targeted by a drone attack.

According to this claim, four drones were sent to this base in this attack.

Before this, the resistance groups in Iraq and Yemen warned the Zionist regime that if it does not stop the attacks and war against Gaza, they will resume their operations against the Zionists and their supporters.

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