Swedish authorities apologize after the attack on the Iranian embassy + video – rahnam

According to the foreign policy group of rahnam news agency, following the illegal gathering of a small number of opponents in front of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Stockholm and the subsequent attack on one of the embassy employees, Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian had a telephone conversation with Mohammad Ahmadi, the temporary charge d’affaires of our country’s embassy. , reviewed the latest situation.


Explaining the circumstances, Ahmadi stated: As soon as this illegal action took place, the level of strong protest of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in Tehran and Stockholm, was transferred to the Swedish side, emphasizing the need to identify and punish the perpetrators. Swedish officials in meetings and phone calls, including the phone call of the head of the department (deputy) of global affairs and the director general of ceremonies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while apologizing, emphasized Sweden’s commitment to maintaining and ensuring the security of the embassy and its employees in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Rights. In this connection and with the cooperation of the Swedish police, 5 attackers were arrested, this issue will continue to be followed up until the perpetrators of the attack are convicted.

In this phone call, while talking to the embassy employee who was attacked, Amir Abdollahian wished for his speedy recovery.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also emphasized the need for the Swedish government to adhere to the obligations under the Vienna Convention.

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