Selajgah: The world is in its worst climatic and environmental conditions – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, this morning, Sunday, Ali Selajgeh; Vice President and Head of Environmental Protection Organization with Hojjatul Islam Mohammad Mohadi Azad; The Attorney General of the country met and talked.

In this meeting, Ali Selajgeh; The vice president and head of the Environmental Protection Organization stated: We caused this damage to nature by our own hands, and in order to remind us of the effects of our work, Almighty God showed us the declining conditions of the world’s environment today.

He continued: Today, people’s demands regarding the environment are very high and people demand a healthy environment from us.

Referring to the environmental pollution caused by the neighboring countries, the head of the Environmental Protection Organization said: The Environmental Protection Organization has intervened after the Aras River pollution, dust and excessive use of water softeners by the Persian Gulf countries, and I request you to The prosecutor’s office should also enter into these issues at the international level.

The vice president emphasized: We have undertaken the management of the country’s environment in the worst climatic, economic and political conditions in the world, but at the same time, we have done the management well.

Selajgeh noted: I hope today’s meeting will help to solve the mental knots of our managers in the legal department and the interaction between the two institutions will happen more than before.

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