Proposing a 35% increase in workers’ salaries in the parliament/determining a new formula for dividing the household by 100% – rahnam

Wali Esmaili, in an interview with rahnam reporter in Ardabil, stated that the final decision on the increase of workers’ salaries for the next year depends on the tripartite meeting of representatives of workers, employers and the government to approve and announce the amount of the increase in the form of the Supreme Labor Council.

He clarified: According to Article 41 of the Labor Law, we provide only an advisory opinion, and in the form of a social commission, we present our proposal to the Supreme Labor Council based on the inflationary situation and the increase in the costs of the subsistence basket, housing and clothing.

The head of the Social Commission of the Islamic Council said: “We have no role in determining the annual salary increase rate of the workers, but it is expected that the increase of the workers’ salaries will be applied based on the annual inflation announced by the Central Bank, based on the law that remains on the ground.

Esmaili added: “The fact that the government claims a lack of resources or applying minimums in increasing workers’ salaries is debatable, but the social commission of the parliament, as a supervisory group, has proposed a minimum increase of 35% in workers’ salaries, which we hope to make a decision next month with the meeting of the Supreme Labor Council.” final in this field.

In another part of his speech, he noted: Even with this increase, the workers cannot at least provide for their lives, and it is necessary to make a realistic decision to increase the workers’ wages according to the economic and inflationary conditions of the society.

Payment of one million and 300 thousand tomans for family and children’s rights to employees

The head of the Social Commission of the Islamic Council of the Islamic Parliament added about the increase in the salary of the employees in the next year: With the approval of the parliament, the salary of the government employees will be increased by 20% in the next year.

Esmaili stated: In addition to this, in the discussion of having a family and having children, a total of 1 million and 300 thousand tomans will be added to the salaries of the employees.

In the continuation of his speech, he reminded: We had proposed to apply this increase of 25% in the social commission, but the government did not accept the burden of this amount and the amount of 20% was approved in the consolidation commission.

Esmaili stated: We hope that with the favorable opinion of the government and the provision of resources of the Guardian Council, this increase will be approved and announced.

Removal of the subsidy for the high tithes

The representative of the people of Garami in the Islamic Council rejected the rumor of removing the subsidy for different groups of the society and said: No increase or decrease of the amount of the subsidy for the next year has been proposed, nor has any proposal been made in this regard. People should not pay attention to the rumors because there is no subsidy. to be removed monthly, but the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare is supposed to apply the new decimalization according to the conditions of the households.

In another part of his speech, Esmaili noted: “The new formula for tithing families called “Sadak” is proposed in the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, and we have asked the Deputy Minister of Cooperatives to present a report on the new tithing in the parliament.

He added: In the case of new deciling of households that have a better financial situation and are placed in higher deciles with the authority of the government, removing their subsidy will be a priority and agenda.

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