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According to the foreign policy correspondent of rahnam News Agency, the International Court of Justice announced on Friday, in a ruling in line with South Africa’s complaint against the Zionist regime, that this regime should take “all necessary measures” to prevent actions that are considered examples of genocide. to close

Last month, South Africa filed a complaint with the Hague-based International Court of Justice accusing Tel Aviv of committing genocide in Gaza. Judge Divan also said that the Israeli regime should punish anyone who commits genocide in Gaza. It is also competent to deal with South Africa’s complaint against Israel regarding the genocide in Gaza.

This court recognized the right to file a lawsuit by South Africa and declared that Israel’s request to reject this lawsuit is unacceptable. In addition, he considers the statements of the Zionist authorities to dehumanize the Palestinian people and emphasizes the right of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip to be protected from genocide.

After the issuance of this temporary order by the Hague Court, many reactions were expressed in this regard. While supporting South Africa, Iranian authorities also welcomed the issuance of a temporary order.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian congratulated South Africa’s success at the International Court of Justice in filing a complaint against the Zionist regime to the government and people of South Africa, the Palestinian people and Foreign Minister Naldi Pandour.

Iran’s foreign minister said: “Once again, I emphasize the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support for the initiative of the South African government. Today, the officials of the fake Israeli regime are the most hated people in the world’s public opinion, who should be immediately arrested for committing genocide and unprecedented war crimes against the Palestinians.” be entrusted with justice.”

He also stated: “I request all my counterparts in the countries of the world to support the action of South Africa in the International Criminal Court.”

Stephane Dujarric, the spokesman of the UN Secretary General, announced after this vote that Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General, will immediately inform the UN Security Council of the temporary measures determined by the International Court of Justice in the Zionist regime’s genocide case.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, South Africa, the Zionist regime (Israel), Palestine,

In this regard, rahnam news agency in a conversation with Mehdi Aghajafari, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in South Africa He addressed the dimensions of issuing a temporary order by the Hague Court.

South Africa has practically assumed the role of leadership by raising a brave case against the Zionist regime

In response to the question of what factor made the country of South Africa take action and file a lawsuit against the Zionist regime at the International Court of Justice, Agha Jaafari answered: South African statesmen are the heirs of anti-colonial, anti-apartheid and justice struggles. They know the late Nelson Mandela’s leadership and believe that by adhering to his moral, spiritual and legal teachings, while strengthening the legitimacy of the political system inside the country, the country’s political, spiritual, legal and prestige position at the international level and international forums They promote and in practice they will enjoy a political-legal leadership image at the global and continental level.

He continued: In the framework of such a theory, South Africa can play a greater role in international equations and politics. Moreover, today South Africa’s views and positions on human rights issues are more distinct and valuable compared to many countries that claim human rights. At the present time, South Africa has practically assumed the role of leadership by filing a historic and courageous lawsuit against the Zionist regime in the ICJ (International Court of Justice).

Iran’s ambassador in Pretoria added: This country has improved its legitimacy and popularity in the domestic public opinion by referring the legal case to the Hague Court. In the international arena, it has seriously challenged the last bastion of apartheid in the world in the moral, human and legal dimension. In other words, the people of South Africa are with the government in this matter and they have a sense of kinship with the Palestinian people.

For the first time, the temporary ruling of the court challenged the Zionist regime in terms of international law

Aghajafari continued to explain his assessment of the issuance of a temporary order by this court and regarding the results of this decision for the Zionist regime, he stated: The temporary decision of the court for the first time is the Zionist regime’s compliance with international rules and laws in a war that is taking place. is challenged. It has also questioned and doubted the extreme military movements of this country and the western government’s support policies for this country. It is true that the court did not directly address the request for ceasefire or genocide or war crime, but it has opened the genocide case, which can be pursued and cited in international forums not only historically but also legally. .

He also pointed to the fact that the court did not enter into the issue of the continuation of the war, but declared its competence to investigate the genocide, and clarified: the pressure of global public opinion has doubled the expectations of this court and the gap among the (western) supporters. has intensified the Zionist regime. The West’s image and moral, humanitarian and legal standing has been damaged due to its support for the Zionist regime, and there is no doubt that a victory has been achieved for the Palestinian nation so far. Of course, it should be noted that the process of legal review of this lawsuit may take two years or even more. Therefore, so to speak, this was just the first round, and the main work, which is the review of the substance of the South African lawsuit, and the court also accepted the jurisdiction of this review, has just begun.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, South Africa, the Zionist regime (Israel), Palestine,

The verdict of the Hague Court will face a serious challenge to the supporters of Israel

In response to the question of whether the issuance of this temporary order has been able to meet the goals of South Africa, the ambassador of Iran in South Africa answered: In an initial and realistic assessment, a significant part of the initial goals of South Africa has been achieved. Although it was desirable to stop the war, but considering all the political and legal aspects and also looking at the composition of the judges, we realize that the opening of the genocide case of the Israeli regime in Yuan is a very important event that is unprecedented in the past seven decades. The continued unconditional support of Israel’s supporters to this criminal regime will face a serious challenge.

He added: In a word, while a heavy blow to the dignity of the Zionist regime and its supporters has been inflicted, the Court’s ruling has created valuable capacities that, due to the readiness of public opinion around the world, can continue to put pressure on the Court and the supporters of the Israeli regime. be well exploited.

Until today, the support from South Africa has not been enough

Aghajafari also said about how this temporary appointment can be used in international forums to put pressure on the Zionist regime in order to stop the crimes and war. It means their solidarity and all-round support for South Africa’s action in the court.

He continued: Until today, these supports have not been enough. The more governments join South Africa, the more influence it will have on the court and the pressure of public opinion on the court.

Iran’s capacities should be activated to support South Africa’s action

Regarding Iran’s support for this South African action, the Iranian ambassador in Pretoria said: The Islamic Republic of Iran has a high international political and legal capacity. These capacities must be activated to support South Africa’s action. Also, another action in terms of political-propaganda support for South Africa in international forums, cyberspace, publication of scientific and research articles and holding international conferences and symposiums to explain the various dimensions of genocide, war crimes and gross violations of human rights in Palestine by the Israeli regime. It has been since 1948.

Aghajaafari said: I think the proposal to award human rights awards, especially to the president and foreign minister of South Africa, and to invite the political and legal elites of South Africa to the universities, scientific circles and think tanks of our country are among the measures that we can take in this field.

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