Important news for the coin market/ “New and undated coins” will soon be available in the exchange center – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, in recent weeks and simultaneously with the increase in prices in the gold and coin market, the Central Bank has unveiled two important policies: “striking new and undated coins” and “auction of gold bullion in the exchange center”.

According to the announcement of the Governor General of the Central Bank, new and undated coins have been minted in the mint of the Central Bank, and they are supposed to enter the market alongside the previous coins.

Activists of the gold and coin market believe that the minting of Tamabehar Azadi coins without date can reduce the Tamamm coin bubble; At the time of announcing this news, the coin bubble was over 7 million tomans, but now it has reached 5.7 million tomans. Marketers believe that as soon as the new and dateless central bank coins enter the market, the coin bubble will be completely deflated.

The latest information received by rahnam’s reporter shows that the Central Bank plans to soon start the supply of all-spring Azadi and undated coins in Iran’s gold and currency exchange center.
Moreover, the central bank has started the gold bullion auction two weeks ago in this center and today it is going to offer 145 kg of private sector gold bullion in the third auction.

Analysts of the gold and coin market believe that the gold bullion auction and the supply of all undated coins will have very positive effects in reducing the price fluctuations of this sector.

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