Hezbollah’s warning to the Zionists: What awaits you in Lebanon is a cemetery/ We are ready to respond to any stupidity – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, Mohammad Raad, the head of the faction loyal to the resistance in the Lebanese Parliament, during a speech about the process of confrontation with the Zionist enemy in the southern front of Lebanon, announced that the resistance in Lebanon stands with strength against the Zionist enemy and we warn the occupiers that Avoid miscalculations and be careful not to direct your madness towards Lebanon; Because what awaits you in Lebanon is the cemetery that we have prepared for you.

So far, the enemy has only seen a small part of Hezbollah’s power

Mohammad Raad emphasized the full readiness of Hezbollah fighters to face the enemy and said that if the enemy has seen a small part of our power, we are ready to show it our full power. What we did in confronting the aggression of the Zionist regime against Gaza was to protect the country and national interests, defend Lebanon’s sovereignty, stand in solidarity with Gaza, and help the oppressed Palestinian people.

This Hezbollah official added, we raised our voices so that the whole world knows that Gaza is not alone against this brutal, racist and terrorist regime of Israel. The Zionist enemy failed to realize the political goals it had set, and this failure caused confusion in its political, military, and security ranks, and today there is no cohesion among them.

Mohammad Raad stated that the enemy of the occupation and its allies and supporters have become frustrated and disillusioned as a result of the defeat of their goals in Gaza, and for this reason they are trying to threaten us with a massive war with bullying and absurd claims. The way they can convince the Zionist settlers to return to the northern settlements. But we will never allow the Zionists to be safe at the cost of making Lebanon insecure.

The head of the Hezbollah faction continued, we are committed to protecting the people and interests of our country and we will not allow any attack on Lebanon’s sovereignty. This is what the resistance is committed to and all the sacrifices we make are in this direction. We are not in a position to give points to those who failed in the brutal attack on Gaza.

The southern Lebanese front will remain open to support Gaza

“Hassan Ezzeddin”, the senior member of the Hezbollah faction in the Lebanese Parliament, emphasized in his turn, that the resistance, which has offered a caravan of martyrs on the way to defend the country, will never surrender to the enemy who is in a state of confusion and despair these days.

Addressing the Zionist enemy, this Hezbollah official said that the southern front of Lebanon is always open to support Gaza and will remain open. We warn you that in the event of any development that leads to the expansion of the war, the resistance will not stand idle and is fully prepared to respond to any folly and strike you when you least expect it.

In the end, he said, we are not looking for adventure and we want to defend our nation and country and we will never give points to the enemy or surrender.

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