Dehnavi: Military service will be reduced by three months – rahnam

According to rahnam parliamentary reporter, Seyyed Mohsen Dehnavi, a member of the Presidium of the Islamic Council, said in an explanation on the sidelines of the public session of the Islamic Council today, Sunday, in the presence of journalists: during several expert meetings with the presence of Qalibaf and Sardar Bagheri, in order to clear the ambiguity of the resolution of the Islamic Council, We made decisions on military reform in the 7th development plan. According to this agreement, the average military service including the training period will reach 14 months; This means that at least 3 months of the service of all soldiers will be reduced.

He clarified: Armed Forces General Staff will take steps to replace the soldier with other memberships in the amount of the secured credit, by securing the credit of the government. With this resolution, the need for soldiers has been reduced and the use of soldiers in specialized positions will increase.

The head of the science-based economy faction noted: Students abroad will have the possibility of study exemption, which will facilitate the return of elites to the country.

Dehnavi explained: The General Staff of the Armed Forces will compile a plan to determine the duties of the absent subjects and present it to the parliament.

He emphasized: Those subject to military service who are 35 years old and have two or more children will be exempted. This exemption was established to support the soldiers who have started a family.

Tehran’s representative in the parliament said: These decisions, in the form of a proposed decree to clear the ambiguity of the Guardian Council, were uploaded into the legislative system of the Islamic Council today, so that they will be implemented after being approved in the floor of the parliament and approved by the Guardian Council.

In the end, Dehnavi thanked for the follow-up and cooperation of Qalibaf and Sardar Bagheri and said: Mr. Qalibaf and Sardar Bagheri led to the formation of a successful joint work between the Islamic Council and the General Staff of the Armed Forces after many years. And God willing, this path of cooperation will continue.

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