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According to the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, during the last few weeks and at the same time as some tensions appeared in the region and of course the terrorist crime in Kerman, the fluctuations of the currency market increased and prices started to grow in this market.

The intensification of fluctuations in the currency market caused the price of the dollar, which had been relatively stable in recent months, to once again enter the channels above 50 thousand tomans.

According to economic experts and currency market activists, the main root of recent currency fluctuations is political news and tensions in the region, and this increase in prices has no economic roots.

Market people say: We had no change in the amount of supply and supply of foreign exchange needs and what caused the increase in the price of currency is only political news and inflationary expectations.

Analysts of the currency market these days have repeatedly said that the fluctuations in the currency market are due to political developments, such as the US attack on Yemen, the terrorist crime in Kerman, the IRGC’s response to terrorists based in Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria, etc., and have no fundamental economic reason.

From the very beginning, economic experts warned ordinary people not to be fooled by the currency market brokers, because the market maker will not allow the status quo to continue and the fluctuations that are rooted in political news will soon be curbed by the central bank.

Mohammad Reza Farzin, the Governor General of the Central Bank, also addressed the buyers of these currency days last week, stating that “there is no problem in providing currency and the outlook for the country’s currency situation for the end of the year and next year is very positive”, he said: the fluctuations of the recent days are mostly caused by It is a transitory and temporary regional development.

According to currency market traders, the dollar and coin ceiling is where the central bank enters the market. The market maker has the power to prevent the fluctuations of the market by injecting dirhams, the supply of bullion and undated coins.
Accordingly, ordinary people should be careful not to be deceived by the recent fluctuations, because the experience of the previous months has shown that whenever the market fluctuates, the market maker has succeeded in re-establishing stability in this sector.

Analysts believe that the central bank is waiting for more brokers to fall into the trap of high prices, then intervene in the market to make them silver hot.

As it has been said many times, political and security developments may cause political shocks in countries, which usually have short-term and temporary effects on the economy and financial markets of a country, but when the political atmosphere calms down, the exchange rate returns to its previous price. .

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