Ansarullah official: All kinds of American and British ships are legitimate targets for Yemen – rahnam

According to the international group of rahnam news agency, while the Yemeni armed forces are still targeting Zionist ships and ships that go to occupied Palestine, regardless of any of the threats of the United States and its allies, “Mohammed Al-Bakhiti” a member of the movement’s political office. In response to the aggression of the United States and the United Kingdom, Ansarullah of Yemen announced that the landing of the American and British forces in Yemen will provoke all the people of our country and unite their positions against the enemy’s aggression.

All American and British ships are legitimate targets for Yemenis

Al-Bakhiti said in an interview with Al-Mayadeen, our military operations against the Zionist regime will continue until the aggression against Gaza stops, and it is better for America, England and the occupying regime to stop the aggression against Gaza in order to stop targeting their ships.

This Yemeni official emphasized that American and British warships and commercial ships have become a legitimate target for us after these countries invaded Yemen, and we hope that the battle will be directly between us and the Americans.

If America wants to protect its image and its ships, it should stop the aggression in Gaza

“Mohammad Ali al-Houthi”, a member of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, said in his turn in the same context, nothing called “impossible” or “failure” means anything to the people of Yemen and our power is increasing every day.

Pointing to the importance of equipping and preparing to deal with any escalation of tensions, he emphasized that if America seeks to protect its image and its ships, it must stop the aggression of the Zionist regime against the Gaza Strip and lift the siege of this area.

Al-Houthi added that all the parties that America has mobilized, as well as all the wars that have been launched under the supervision of this country and the drones and missiles that have targeted Yemen, none of them made the Yemenis retreat from continuing to fight against the enemy. The people of Yemen do not recognize defeat and it is better for Washington to move towards stopping the invaders’ aggression against Gaza and the West Bank and lifting the blockade of these areas.

America and England threaten international shipping

On the other hand, the government of Sana’a announced political and diplomatic contacts to explain Yemen’s position on freedom of navigation.

Yemen also warned against the dangerous moves of the United States and Britain to create chaos.

Abdul Malik Al-Ajri, a member of the Sana’a Negotiating Board, stated that a series of diplomatic and political efforts have been made by the government of Sana’a and the Yemeni Negotiating Board in the framework of explaining our country’s position on global freedom of navigation. But there are dangerous moves by the United States and England to destroy the political process in this field and to return the war to Yemen and create chaos that threatens global shipping. The goal of the US in these hostile actions is to evade its responsibility in the aggression against Gaza and to prevent these crimes from stopping.

This Yemeni official emphasized that the Zionist regime and the American and British allies are the parties that carry out uncalculated adventures. But Yemen emphasized from the very first day that it does not seek the expansion of conflicts and its efforts are in the framework of supporting the people of Gaza by putting international and regional pressure on Israel.

Al-Ajri added that the whole world, including the United Nations, the Arab League, China, Russia and the countries of the region, have warned about the crazy behavior of the occupying regime, but Washington stands stubbornly in front of the whole world. The United States moved in the opposite direction of the international and regional will, and instead of applying pressure to prevent the flare-up of a major regional conflict, it chose the option of intensifying military tensions and the policy of force, which causes the failure of all solutions to resolve the crisis.

While the hostile actions of the United States and its allies against Yemen continue due to this country’s support for the Palestinian people and standing against the crimes of the occupiers against Gaza, media sources reported yesterday about the new aggression of the United States and England to Yemen. In this context, Al-Masira channel reported that the American and British aggressors targeted the “Ras Issa” area in Yemen’s Hodeidah province.

The Yemeni army announced on Friday night that it targeted a British oil tanker, which, according to media sources, was moving towards the occupied territories and carrying fuel for the fighters of the Zionist regime.

In a situation where the political and military leadership and the people of Yemen insist on the continuation of this country’s operations against Israeli ships in the Red Sea and ships that go to occupied Palestine until the aggression against Gaza stops, the United States, which has failed to form a naval coalition against Yemen in the past few days Recently, it has taken aggressive and hostile actions against Yemenis, including attacking places in this country and putting Ansarullah’s name on the so-called “terrorism” list again.

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