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According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq announced on Thursday (5th of February) an agreement to gradually reduce the advisors of the so-called international coalition in Iraq.

The statement mentions the success of the negotiations between the governments of Iraq and the United States, which began in August 2023 and ended by emphasizing the necessity of setting up a high military committee at the level of working groups to assess the threat and danger of ISIS.

It has been emphasized in this statement that the agreements mention the development of a specific and clear timetable based on which the duration of the presence of the advisors of the international coalition in Iraq has been determined and the advisors present in Iraq will gradually leave the territory of Iraq and in The final end of the military mission of the coalition against ISIS will be announced.

The resistance drove the American invaders out of Iraq

In this context, “Abdul Bari Atwan”, the editor of the regional newspaper Rayalyoum and a leading analyst of the Arab world, in his new article pointed out and announced the expansion of Iraqi resistance attacks on American bases. Finally, the United States was forced to close the American bases in Erbil, Al-Shadadi due to resistance attacks. , Ain al-Assad, as well as the bases of this country in Syria, such as Koniko and al-Tanf, etc., to comply with the demands of the Islamic resistance of Iraq to evacuate all Washington’s military bases in this country.

Atwan added, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq announced on Thursday that it has reached an agreement with the US government to determine a timetable for the gradual withdrawal of “consultants” affiliated with the international coalition from Iraqi lands and to end the presence of this coalition in this country. Previously, the United States government avoided complying with Iraq’s demands for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and made any negotiation in this regard conditional on the cessation of all attacks against American bases. But with the increase of resistance attacks against these bases with missiles and drones, which caused a lot of damage to the ranks of the American military, Washington was forced to withdraw from this condition.

How did the resistance surprise the Americans in Iraq?

In the continuation of this note, a few days ago, the spokesman of the Iraqi Seyyed al-Shohda Brigades surprised the US military command in Iraq with 2 orders he gave to his forces:

– The first order is related to intensifying military strikes against American bases and inflicting more material and human losses on them. America admitted that 80 of its soldiers were wounded in these attacks.

– The second order is related to moving towards the second stage of anti-enemy operations, which includes closing all shipping routes to the ports of occupied Palestine and completely shutting down these ports in order to support the people of Gaza and also to avenge the blood of the martyrs as a result of the crimes of the occupiers. They have been martyred.

According to this article, immediately after these orders were issued, strong resistance attacks were carried out against American bases in Iraq and Syria, and the ports of “Ashdod” and “Haifa” in occupied Palestine were targeted. It was quite clear that this urgent and calculated action of the Islamic resistance of Iraq is in the framework of the naval blockade that the Yemeni Navy has implemented against Zionist ships and ships whose destination is occupied Palestine. This blockade has been applied against the Zionists in the Red Sea and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab, and we do not think it is unlikely that it will reach the Strait of Hormuz in the third stage.

Atwan emphasized that the Islamic resistance in Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq conducts their detailed operations against the Zionist enemy and they act in a completely coordinated manner, both at sea and on land. This issue is in line with a complete plan to attack America as the main military supporter of the Zionists in occupied Palestine. Washington, which failed to form a broad international coalition to protect the Zionist regime in the Red Sea, and this failure is reflected in the continued attacks of the Yemeni navy on American ships, has now appealed to China to mediate with Iran to stop this process.

Washington’s big defeat in Iraq

This Palestinian analyst stated that the number of American troops in Iraq does not exceed 2500 people, but their withdrawal is a big defeat for Washington and its influence in the region after its humiliating defeat in Afghanistan. The United States, which spent about 6 trillion dollars in its war against Iraq and killed 4,487 and wounded 32,000, faced a result in this war that it did not even think about this quickly. Today, the United States has no choice but to withdraw its forces from Iraq.

Atwan continued, US President Joe Biden, who was one of the prominent people who beat the war drum against Iraq, will be very lucky if this humble retreat from Iraq is done in a smooth way and not in a chaotic and shameful way like in Afghanistan. It happened to him. The only language that American leaders understand is the language of force, and it seems that today the Iraqi resistance is using this language with great intensity. This was done after the failure of various Iraqi governments in diplomatic efforts to implement the resolution of the country’s parliament to remove all American military bases from Iraqi soil and expel American forces.

At the end of this note, it is emphasized that Great Iraq is making a strong return to its leadership position in the region and the Arab world, and this return will clearly culminate with the elimination of the presence of colonialists in this country.

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