The decision of the Ministry of Sports in the new gymnastics dispute / the ruling issued by Inche Dargahi is currently on the air! – rahnam

According to the sports reporter of rahnam News Agency, a new management period in the Gymnastics Federation has entered a new phase with the return of Zahra Inche Dargahhi and some changes are taking place in the provincial boards.

One of the most recent events in this federation is related to the ruling that Inche Dargahi issued on Wednesday, 4th of Bahman, and wrote: “Dr. Dargahi’s ruling addressed to Biranvand states: “Mr. Saeed Biranvand, respectfully, the opinion of the General Directorate of Sports and Youth of Lorestan Province According to this notification, you are appointed as the head of the gymnastics board of Lorestan province. It is appropriate that you take the necessary measures to prepare the start of the registration process of the candidates and hold the elections of the gymnastics board of that province. May you be successful in the management of technical and managerial affairs of the gymnastics board of Lorestan province.

This ruling was issued while the General Administration of Sports and Youth of Lorestan had not made any suggestions for making changes, and accordingly, no changes have been made in the Lorestan Board yet.

Hamzeh Aminmenesh, head of the gymnastics board, told rahnam news agency: “The director general of the province did not send such a letter, and the letter of Inche Dargah has also been published in cyberspace.” In fact, the director general did not send a letter to introduce anyone.

He said about the responsibility of the Lorestan Gymnastics Board: I am myself, because the regulation of sports boards says that if there is a change, the general director makes a proposal and the federation decides. While the general administration did not make any suggestion and the federation made its own decision.

In an interview with rahnam news agency, Seyyed Arash Qiyazian, the general director of sports and youth of Lorestan province, said about this issue: The issue comes back to the statutes and regulations compiled by the ministerial board, according to which, in some cases, the right is equal to what is done and in others. The right belongs to the members of the provincial assembly. The federation did not pay attention to the fact that Amin Menesh was an agent during his time in the federation as acting secretary, and when he is an agent, he can be present in the province for a certain period of time to get a permanent transfer. This issue is our problem and it is decided that the task will be determined in a meeting with the authority of the Ministry of Sports.

He continued: In some cases, the legal understanding of the issue by Inche Dargahi is correct, in other cases, the provincial board is right. These must be reconciled and with a gentleness we want to provide a condition that the opinion of the provincial board is also taken into account. Decision-making in this arbitration is the responsibility of the office of joint affairs of the federations, that is, Arash Farhadian must enter so that we can solve the problem.

Ziyazian stated: If Aminmensh had gone to the federation permanently, he should have resigned as the head of the Lorestan board, but his presence was temporary and now he has returned to his position in the board. This is what Dargahi says about why he did not resign. He is right in part of the story from a legal point of view, but the opinion of the members of the assembly who say that gymnastics in the province should not be involved in inflammation and that Amin Menesh is one of the active leaders of the province should be taken into account. Anyway, it has been agreed that we will go to the arbitration meeting and a decision will be made there.

In response to this question, according to the ruling published on the website of the federation, has there been any change in the board? He said: There have been no changes yet, and I also told him to let the Ministry of Sports decide. The members of the assembly are satisfied with the presence of Amin Manesh and this is very important for everyone and we do not want to enter into a challenge. In addition, it is not necessary to solve the issue with a hammer.

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