The clearance of registration of extended orders was unimpeded – rahnam

According to rahnam Economic Correspondent, in a letter entitled “Decisions taken regarding the validity of the order registration credit during the declaration of goods and during the customs formalities process”, the Vice President of Legal Affairs agreed with the proposals of the Customs and the Chamber of Commerce regarding the addition of three He announced the note to Article 40 of the Executive Regulations of the Law on Export and Import Regulations. It should be mentioned that one of the suggestions of the customs which was agreed in this letter was the clearance for registration of extended orders, which was again unimpeded.

It should be noted that the Director General of the Office of Import Export Regulations announced in a correspondence with the Iranian Customs Import Office. Clearance of goods without extending the validity of order registration is allowed only if the order registration is valid at the time of product declaration.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Islamic Republic of Iran Customs , Islamic Republic of Iran Customs ,

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