Raisi: Iran-Pakistan border should be protected against any insecurity – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency, President Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi, at the ceremony of receiving the credentials of “Mohammed Mudassar Tipu”, the new ambassador of Pakistan, stated that the two brother countries of Iran and Pakistan have unbreakable ties and their relations are rooted in religion, culture and has a common civilization, he pointed to the policy of neighborhood and convergence in the people’s government and stated: From the point of view of the Islamic Republic of Iran, borders are an opportunity for economic exchanges and improving the security of neighbors, and it is necessary to protect this opportunity against any insecurity factor.

The president considered the security of Pakistan to be the security of Iran and referring to the very destructive effects and consequences of the activities of terrorist groups created by the United States in the region during the past years, especially in Iraq and Syria, the presence and activity of these terrorist groups and proxies of foreigners is a threat to all countries in the region. He knew and welcomed the regional cooperation to fight terrorism.

Raisi considered the border between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan as an opportunity for development and mutual prosperity, and referring to the determination and determination of the high officials of the two countries to develop relations in various fields, especially the commercial and economic sectors, on the implementation of joint programs in the field of fighting terrorism, He emphasized drugs and organized crime.

The president also emphasized the need to seriously deal with any space-building in the relations between the two countries, and expressed hope that effective steps will be taken to develop comprehensive relations between the two countries with the efforts of the new ambassador of Pakistan during his term of office in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Mohammed Mudassar Tipu” also praised the effective and inspiring management of Dr. Raisi in the management of relations between the two countries and welcomed the specific roadmap of the Iranian president in creating convergence and synergy between the countries of the region.

The ambassador of Pakistan also emphasized the will and commitment of the high officials of his country to strengthen brotherly relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and clarified: Pakistan will never allow the enemies to abuse the borders of the two countries.

He pointed out that despite the efforts of the enemies and ill-wishers of Iran and Pakistan to damage the relations between the two countries, our relations are historical and strategic and Pakistan is ready to open a new chapter of brotherly relations with Iran. Pakistani authorities are committed to maintaining the security of border points and dealing with any insecurity in these areas.

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