New report on the gold and coin market/Keshtarai: Gold does not have a bubble; We do not have emotional shopping – rahnam

In an interview with the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Mohammad Keshti Arai said that in contrast to the $20 drop in the world gold price, the price of gold and coins in the market has increased, which is the main reason for the increase in the price of currency. Is.

Emphasizing that the auction of gold bullion in the currency exchange center had a good effect on the gold market, he said: “The price of gold in the market does not have a bubble and it is according to the price of an ounce and the dollar in the free market.” The coin bubble has also decreased and reached 5 million 700 thousand tomans. Of course, he also said that with the arrival of new coins minted by the central bank, the coin bubble will decrease significantly.

This gold market activist stated that the increase in the currency price has caused the price increase in the gold and coin market, and clarified: We do not have additional demand and emotional purchases in the market, and transactions are going on as usual.

According to rahnam, currently in the open market, the price of 18-carat gold per gram is 2 million 800 thousand Tomans, the price of the all-spring Azadi coin of the old design is 30 million 200 thousand Tomans, and the price of the all-spring Azadi coin of the new design is 33 million 100 thousand Tomans.

In Sabzeh Maidan market, the price of Bahar Azadi half coin is 18 million 550 thousand Tomans, Bahar Azadi quarter coin is 11 million 550 thousand Tomans, and one gram coin is 6 million 100 thousand Tomans.

Each shekel of gold is valued at 12 million and 130 thousand tomans in the domestic market; In addition, the price of gold per ounce in the world markets is 2018 dollars.

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