It was done by issuing a notice; Explaining the reasons for choosing Osmar as the head coach of Persepolis – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency and quoted from Persepolis club’s official website, Persepolis club’s announcement regarding the selection of the team’s new head coach states:

“All this time, the members of the board of directors and CEO of Persepolis witnessed and listened to the opinions and views of fans, team members and experts and decided to make the best choice considering all the conditions.

At first, the attempt to bring Mr. Golmohammadi back failed and we had no choice but to choose a new head coach as a replacement.

From the beginning, the request of the fans was none other than Bronco. Therefore, a lot of efforts were made to bring Mr. Ivankovic back, and it has continued until today.

Persepolis club officially negotiated with him three times. Even when in his last interview, he felt that there was a window of hope for the fans, he tried to negotiate once again, but Mr. Branko’s answer was still negative. Also, it was emphasized many times by him that the main issue for not participating in Iranian football is personal and family issues and concerns.

It goes without saying that many negotiations were held with different coaches during this period. Some of them, who had an acceptable resume, did not accept the club’s offer due to some problems. Some others who reached an agreement with the club were not noticed by the fans and there were many attacks against them, and naturally, the beginning of their work caused a challenge in terms of creating a mentality for the fans.

This was while considering the time available until the start of the second half of the season, Osmar Los Vieira’s work experience and his familiarity with the conditions of the team and players and the twists and turns of competitions and opponents, he was one of the options that was considered.

Based on this and in the end, the Board of Directors of Persepolis Club decided to choose Osmar as the head coach in order not to lose time, taking into account all aspects, including Osmar’s brilliant record in Persepolis in the last one and a half years.

It is hoped that with the all-round support of the fans for this coach, who became aware of all the technical and mental conditions governing Persepolis during the last year and a half, he also established a very good relationship with the players and played a role in winning two championships and three cups last season. “The results will be according to the wishes of millions of fans of Persepolis.”

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