Exclusive Identifying the culprits in the “Bardaspi Oil Center” incident / Summoning the culprits to the Kohdasht Prosecutor’s Office – rahnam

Afshin Khosravi in ​​an exclusive interview with rahnam Dar Khorramabad Referring to the latest death situation of five technicians in Broadspi Kohdasht Oil Company, he said: The death file of these people was sent to the prosecutor’s office in Azar 1402 for investigation and the negligence of the agents.

He stated that the legal case of the death of five technicians at the Bradspi oil center in Kohdasht has been investigated, adding that the exact cause of death of these people has already been determined in the medical field.

The public prosecutor and the revolution of Kohdasht emphasized that the comments of forensic experts and inspectors of the labor department have been received for the accident at the Bardaspi oil center, and said: the culprits of this accident will be summoned to the prosecutor’s office of this city.

Referring to the legal action taken against the perpetrators of the accident at Bardaspi Oil Transfer Center, he said: The case of the culprits of the accident is being processed according to the law and these people will be dealt with according to the law.

Five technicians were caught in the evening of Saturday, December 18, 1402, while dredging a 20 million liter crude oil tank of Bardaspi Oil Transfer Center in Gandabe Shirvand village.

The first stories after the announcement of this incident mentioned that the technicians from Isfahan were gassed, and in the early hours, the possibility of death of these employees became stronger.

Five technicians of Nave Citadel Contractors Company apparently died in the first few minutes due to the release of highly toxic gases and their bodies were found a day later.

“Bardaspi” oil transfer center was put into operation in 1385 and is located 11.5 km southwest of Kohdasht city.

This center has the capacity to transfer 110,000 barrels of products and 95,000 barrels of crude oil per day through a 16-inch line.

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