Demonstrations of the people of Bahrain against the deployment of the fifth fleet of the US Navy in this country – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam News Agency, media sources reported the demonstrations of the people of Bahrain against the United States and the Zionist regime.

The people of Bahrain, who, along with other Arab nations, are still present on the scene to support the people of Gaza against the occupation regime’s aggression, held a demonstration and condemned the deployment of the US Navy’s fifth fleet and also the establishment of the Zionist embassy in Bahrain.


Yesterday, the people of Bahrain held a demonstration to support the people of Palestine and Yemen after Friday prayers and strongly condemned the presence of the fifth fleet of the US Navy in Bahrain and the normalization of relations between the Al-Khalifa regime and the Zionist occupation.

With slogans of death to America and death to Israel, the Bahraini demonstrators expressed their anger at the crimes of Washington and Tel Aviv against Gaza and declared their solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“The solution is in weapons”, “Qassam, target the Zionists with your weapons” and “Al-Khalifa’s regime is American”, were the slogans chanted by the Bahraini demonstrators.

They also demanded the cancellation of compromise agreements between Al-Khalifa and the occupying regime and stressed that the Zionist regime’s embassy in Bahrain should be closed.

This is while Al-Khalifa security forces continue to suppress and arrest Palestinian supporters, and from October 13 to November 7, around 28 Bahraini citizens were arrested for supporting the people of Gaza, 6 of whom were teenagers. 14 of these people have been released and the rest are still in detention.

According to rahnam, Bahrain and the United States signed a joint military agreement in 1971, according to which a 40 square kilometer land was given to the Americans. In July 1973, the latter agreement was again on the agenda of the two countries, the United States and Bahrain, and on June 30, 1977, it was changed to another agreement. According to the new agreement, the US Navy would enjoy extensive facilities in Bahrain’s Port Salman.

Also, since 1993, the regional command of the US Navy was established in Bahrain, and in July 1995, Bahrain hosted the fifth fleet of the US Navy. The signing of the defense cooperation agreement Washington, based on the defense cooperation agreement it signed with Bahrain, enjoyed many facilities and facilities in the airports and ports of Bahrain.

According to Washington, this fleet is responsible for maintaining and protecting American interests in the Persian Gulf, the Sea of ​​Oman, the Gulf of Aden, and part of the Red Sea. The CTF 158 division of the 5th fleet deals with operations in the northern part of the Persian Gulf. The US 5th Fleet maintains at least one aircraft carrier permanently in the Persian Gulf and a group of US ships and submarines outside the Persian Gulf.

Various missions have been defined for this base, and as mentioned, protecting American interests in the Persian Gulf is the most important of these tasks.

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