A big violation of the children of a famous economic figure in Mazandaran/ construction of 64 luxury villas in the best forests of Nowshahr plains – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Sari, it has been a while since the judicial system has started wide-ranging activities in the forests of the north of the country in order to protect public rights and the country’s environment, and in this regard, one of the most important protection measures has started in an area in Nowshahr city. which has sounded the alarm for the abusers of the environment and forest and plain lands.

According to this report, before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, about 1000 plains lands with an area of ​​several hectares in the forests of the north of the country will be given to individuals on the condition that their use is not changed.

But unfortunately, some of these plain lands with an area of ​​several hectares have been abused by some profiteers in the past years, and in one of these hectare plots, a famous economic figure has started constructions with an unauthorized change of use. In line with the definition of a very important mission in the judiciary for the protection of public rights, monitoring the condition of the aforementioned lands has been on the agenda for some time now.

In one of the investigated cases, it is found that the children of a famous economic figure who has a history of conviction prepared one of the several hectares of plain land in 1400 by changing its use for construction, and construction has started on these lands for some time. .

With the filing of a court case, it is clear that some people and institutions cooperated in giving illegal permission to this group and facilitated the work for unauthorized construction in this vast area.

Further, in order to prevent the abuse, a legal case has been filed for all the offending individuals and institutions in this project and its investigation is under investigation.

Villas with a pre-sale value of 80 to 100 billion tomans each

One of the most interesting and important cases in this case is the value of half-built villas, which shows the existence of a very widespread and important corruption in this region of the northern forests of the country.

When the judicial authority entered the case and conducted investigations, it became clear that for 64 illegal villas under construction, an amount between 80 and 100 billion Tomans was considered as pre-purchase and the transaction was done.

In this regard, today (Saturday, 7th of Bahman) with the presence of high judicial officials such as Qazi Siraj, political deputy head of the judiciary and Khorramabadi, judicial advisor to the head of the judiciary and the head of the judiciary of Mazandaran, in order to preserve the use of agricultural land, 64 unauthorized villas were demolished in the city. Nowshahr has started.

Dealing with the situation of 1000 hectares of plain land in Mazandaran has been started one by one and in case of violation, all of them will be destroyed.

In this regard, the Chief Justice of Mazandaran, referring to the implementation of the Law on the Protection of the Use of Agricultural Lands from the demolition of 64 villas that were being built illegally in the agricultural lands of Melkar village, Nowshahr city, announced and stated: These 64 units are unauthorized villas. was being built illegally in one of the 10-hectare pieces of forest and plain land in Nowshahr city. Unauthorized actions have been taken and with the full implementation of the verdict in the coming days, the lands will return to their former state.

He also clarified: It is appropriate for people who have changed the use of forest, plains, agricultural and natural and national resources and unauthorized construction in Mazandaran province without complying with the legal rules and regulations. and collect evidence, otherwise the judicial system will take legal action quickly and decisively in line with its basic strategy of fighting any crime and corruption.

Akbari reminded: Regarding today’s matter, a case has been filed in the capital of the province, and in this regard, a number of people have been arrested and necessary investigations have been carried out on them, and the result of the investigation of the case will be made known to the public later.

The Chief Justice of Mazandaran pointed out: Before buying real estate or starting construction operations, our dear compatriots must take necessary action to receive the necessary inquiries from the relevant authorities and strictly follow the rules and regulations of construction in order to avoid problems and damages. don’t be

Akbari stated that the abundant divine gifts of Mazandaran province should be protected and protected, and noted: Unfortunately, some people have started unauthorized construction without following the legal rules and regulations by changing the use of land and causing damage to natural resources and forests. They said that the judicial system will deal decisively and legally with these violators.

Case-by-case investigation of forest and plain lands

This report indicates; The action of the judicial system, which started in the past and has been concluded today regarding one of the lands, is ongoing and is a warning for other people who may be trying to abuse the country’s environment by changing the use of these lands without permission.

It should be mentioned that the case-by-case review of the assigned lands has been started and the result of the investigation of the judicial system in this field will be made public.

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