Hamas: The continuation of Israel’s lies is a desperate attempt to destroy the face of the resistance – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, the Palestinian Hamas movement issued a statement in response to the continued lies of the Zionist regime and its anti-resistance supporters with the aim of justifying the brutality of this regime against civilians in the Gaza Strip and announced that the occupying regime seeks to spread false rumors rather than the real picture. that the world has seen the behavior of resistance fighters with prisoners.

We strongly reject and condemn the coordination of some Western media with Israeli misleading campaigns that propagate lies and baseless accusations against the Palestinian resistance, Hamas said in a statement. We consider this misleading campaign to be part of a series of lies spread by the Israeli propaganda machine.

This movement added that the occupying regime, by spreading rumors and lying against the resistance, is in a desperate attempt to hide the image that the world has seen of the humane and moral behavior of the resistance with the Israeli prisoners, and these prisoners themselves testified to the humane and chivalrous behavior of the resistance fighters after their release.

In the end, Hamas asked all the media not to fall into the trap of lies and biased propaganda of the occupiers and to ensure the accuracy of the information before publishing any article.

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