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According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Ahmad Bina; The human rights activist has published the results of a decade of his attendance at human rights summits and conversations with special country reporters and subject reporters in the form of a book and has provided a summary of it in the form of a scientific article, which has been published in several issues under the title “The Dark Half of Rights”. International Humanity” will be published, what you are reading is the twelfth part of this article.

The headquarters of the United Nations and its dark half

The main headquarters of international organizations are located in American and European countries (Holland, Vienna, Austria, Italy, France, Denmark and Switzerland). itself, apart from the rules and regulations of the host country, that is, America.

The obligations of the US government in front of the United Nations were clearly defined when it signed the “United Nations Headquarters Treaty” dated June 26, 1947. Article 4 of the headquarters treaty in paragraph 11 and notes 1 to 5 commits America to facilitate the movement of representatives of member countries without legal problems.

The American government is obliged to accept the representatives of the governments in the United Nations and according to that, it should grant immunity to them. Article 13 of this treaty specifies: “issuing visas for the presence of delegations of member states, diplomats and dependents is mandatory, and maximum speed must be taken into account in this regard.”

Instrumental use of host governments

Regarding the establishment of the United Nations in their territory, the host governments have done their best to advance their national interests and influence the participation of the official representatives of the countries in the United Nations, contrary to the claim of compliance with rights and obligations.

America: When one of the countries makes a speech against the American positions in the meetings, they prevent the representative of that country from entering the United States without giving a reason and do not give the representative of that country a visa to enter the United States (of course, the representatives of the countries indirectly realize that based on the words they spoke against the United States , they have not been granted a visa), therefore, considering that people who are active in the issue of (human rights) need to travel to the United Nations; They are silent about human rights violations in America.

Swiss: Regarding Switzerland, which is said to be a neutral and independent country, although it is not a member of the European Union, it also acts in line with the interests of Western countries, as an example in the minority meeting; Despite issuing an official permit on the site of the meeting, the consular department of the Swiss Embassy does not issue visas to some of the members of the Seman under the pretext that the members of the Seman intend to become refugees in Switzerland, or sets the interview time for a few days after the meeting or only by sending One of the members of Seman agrees.

These semens have submitted numerous complaints to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international centers and other centers; But unfortunately, it has not been effective.

On the sidelines of the UPR meeting, one of the representatives of the countries told the author: “It is very good that you can speak against America and Israel easily in the Human Rights Council meetings. He was told: You should speak together,” the country’s representative said. 2 times I have to travel to America for business meetings; If I bring up the smallest issue without explaining the reason to me, they will not issue me a visa.”

Concepts of human rights and its dark side

It means concepts, words and rights that the world community has reached a single definition regarding them by consensus, and demands, violations and observance of human rights are defined based on it. Setting the definition of human rights concepts based on the criteria and standards of western countries has caused them to generalize their wrong goals and thoughts in the form of resolutions by replacing specific words.

Trying to change the concepts of human rights

A) Western countries have changed the concept of citizenship to citizenship under the justification that the concept and function of sovereignty as well as geographic and political boundaries have been adjusted, and in the continuation of this process, “global citizenship” has been realized so that they can intervene in the countries in question and with Supporting the nationals of the countries, in addition to implementing their own goals, put pressure on the countries. For example, whenever a person in a country (sometimes independent) is summoned by a court, dozens of official and unofficial officials of Western countries protest why they summoned this person and issue a statement to support this person.

b) “Ajmu Baraka” was a human rights defender and the 2016 vice presidential candidate of the United States Green Party and is currently the national organizer of the Black Alliance for Peace. He stated in a video conference speech at the America and Crimes of the Century conference: “The concept of human rights has lost its mission.” There have been changes in the concept of human rights, and when we talk about the field of human rights, we have to talk about the world’s colonial reading of this phenomenon, which goes back to after World War II. After the United States, using its superior power after the Second World War, was able to establish the headquarters of the United Nations in its country, relying on its special position, it was not only able to insinuate that it is the base of human rights; Rather, it was able to change human rights options. Currents in favor of Palestinian rights are formed inside the United States, but these currents are also suppressed in the name of subversive actions. The American Indian movement emerges and people like Malcolm X emerge to be the standard-bearers of human rights in America, but the American judicial institutions limit these efforts.”

c) In practice, the concept of human rights is a compromised concept even within the American society, and it is used as a legal tactic and tool, and it is a kind of moral justification for America in the domestic and international arena. These measures in the field of foreign policy are aligned with the American-European project; In such a way that the interests of America and Europe are secured by relying on the concepts of human rights, and this can create a dangerous situation for human rights.

The change of lifestyle in the West and the concept of family began with white marriage and spread to the legalization of gay marriage in the West. Today, America claiming human rights is trying to recognize same-sex marriage by replacing the word families instead of family in international laws and extend it to third world and developing countries, but it has not been successful so far.

After decades when terms such as “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” were rarely mentioned in official meetings between governments at the United Nations, the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people were discussed and negotiated at the Human Rights Council. It started in Geneva.

From a political point of view, the Council’s deliberations focused attention on discriminatory laws and practices at the national level and emphasized the commitment of governments under international human rights laws to mention these issues through legislation and other criteria. In June 2011, the UN Human Rights Council adopted Resolution 17/19, which is the first UN resolution on the issue of human rights, sexual orientation and identity. The resolution was approved with the fewest votes, but it significantly gained the support of the council members in all geographical regions of the world. The approval of this resolution paved the way for the first official report of the United Nations on the same issue, and a report was prepared by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Then-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also called violence and discrimination against LGBT people “an immeasurably horrific tragedy for those affected and a stain on our collective conscience.” He also emphasized that this is a violation of international human rights laws.

Following this action, the American representative tries to change some concepts of human rights in some meetings of the Human Rights Council so that he can influence these concepts and pursue his goals.

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