Eid of 10 to 15 million tomans for workers in Nowruz 1403 – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency, according to the law on how to determine holidays and annual bonuses for workers working in workshops subject to the labor law approved in 1370, all employers of workshops subject to the labor law are obligated to each of their workers for one year of work, equivalent to 60 days of the last wage, as to pay Eid and bonus, and the amount paid for this to each of the workers should not exceed the equivalent of 90 days of the legal minimum daily wage.

The basis for determining workers’ year-end holiday is at least twice and at most three times the salary approved by the Supreme Labor Council, and employers must give their workers two months of salary as a minimum holiday and three months of salary as a maximum holiday and year-end bonus. .

In the workshops that have a job classification plan, the basis for calculating Eid and the annual bonus of workers will be the group wage and base or basic wage, and in units without a classification plan, the fixed wage, i.e. the job wage and fixed benefits paid according to the job.

Normally, the Eid payment and year-end bonus for workers subject to the labor law and social security retirees according to labor contracts and taking into account the closure of banks, the beginning of the Eid holiday and some audits, usually starts on March 20, but some employers change it to The end of the year is not postponed and they deposit with the salaries of January or February so that working families have more time to prepare the necessities of Eid.

On March 29 of last year, the Supreme Labor Council approved the increase of the minimum wage of workers by 27% for the year 1402. Based on this, the basic salary of the workers increased to 5 million 307 thousand 330 tomans. Including the minimum and maximum Eid formula, workers will receive a minimum of 10,614,660 tomans this year and a maximum of 15,922,000 tomans.

Workers are entitled to a holiday depending on the years and number of days they have worked, and a holiday and a full bonus are given to workers who have been working at the workplace or the last workshop for one year and their insurance has been fully paid.

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