What is the story of Tetlo’s arrest? Marginal singer looking for American residence? – rahnam

According to the international group of rahnam News Agency, following the publication of news in cyberspace about the arrest of Amir Hossein Maqsoodlou, known as Tetlo, with the complaint of the Iranian Consulate in Turkey, the reporter of rahnam was informed that Tetlo was arrested yesterday due to a seizure in the Iranian Consulate in Turkey. Kurde has been taken to the detention center by the Turkish police.

Maqsoodlou recently received a new passport, but he went to the airport with his punched and old passport and wanted to return to the country, which shows that he did not want to return to Iran, but to marginalize and attract more followers and to As a result, getting advertisements has started doing this.

It should also be said that Maqsoodlou recently lost most of his property in a scam and his efforts to get ads have multiplied.

On the other hand, it has been heard that Maqsoodlou has handed over his passport to the American consulate in Istanbul to travel to America and stay in this country.

He is currently in custody, but due to the lack of a private plaintiff, he will probably be released soon.

In recent days, Maqsoodlou has been marginalized due to actions such as violence against girls in cyberspace, which is also part of his plan to attract more followers.

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