The workshop operation of Chalus road was canceled/vehicle traffic is observed with caution – rahnam

In an interview with rahnam news agency’s economic reporter, Iman Mehrabinia said: The executive operation of the road workshop in the Chalus axis between Siyabisheh and Zangoleh bridge has been canceled today, Sunday, December 12th, until Tuesday, December 14th.

He continued: The aforementioned road workshop is canceled due to the lack of need to carry out operations on the rider level and the traffic of vehicles on this axis is carried out with caution.

Referring to the traffic situation of the northern axes of the country, he added: at the present time, vehicle traffic is smooth in the axes of Haraz, Chalus, Firouzkoh, Tehran-North Freeway and Qazvin-Rasht Freeway.

He stated: There is heavy traffic in Qazvin-Karaj-Tehran Azdrah between Fardis Bridge and Kalak Bridge, between Garmdera and Wardvard and Shahryar-Tehran axis, in the area of ​​Maaden square.

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