Raisi: Our support for Gaza and Palestine is based on the constitution – rahnam

According to the reporter of rahnam news agency, President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi this morning at the “Second National Conference on Responsibility for the Implementation of the Constitution” by stating that the Constitution, as its name implies, is the basis of laws and regulations between different departments and the basis of the Islamic system and the structure of the Islamic system. has taught us, he said: The honorable imam has a discussion about the Islamic government and religious authority; Even before Imam Khomeini, elders and sages discussed the issue of velayat-e-fiqih in their works, and after the stage of fiqh Maathur and ijtihadi jurisprudence, you can see the topic of velayat-e-fiqih in all the writings of great jurists.

He added: “The jurists may have a difference of opinion on the issue of expansion of the authority of jurisprudence, but from the time of Sheikh Tusi onwards, they raised the issue of velayat-e-faqih, but as the Imam discussed, others did not discuss to this extent, and it can be said that our honorable Imam is the owner of the theory and doctrine of velayat-e-faqih.” are.

Raeesi stated that with the efforts of Shahid Beheshti and the members of the Majlis of Constitutional Law Experts, this theory was structured and its manifestation is the Constitution. Cultural and political, internal and external relations and institutions and structures necessary for the progress of the country are included in this law.

Pointing out that this statement does not mean that there are no defects because it is made by human hands, the president clarified: Our constitution is one of the most progressive laws in the world. I also said last year that one of Nelson Mandela’s close friends who was in charge of writing the constitution of South Africa said that in studying the constitutions of the world, I think Iran’s constitution is one of the most progressive laws; Because it is gathered between democracy and ideal.

He added: One of the prides of the Islamic Republic of Iran is that all the institutions and structures of this system are based on the people’s vote. Imam said that it is the measure of the people’s vote; That is, they believed the people’s vote; Today, if the leader of the revolution; Our officials pay attention to the people, which means they believe the people, and the people’s vote has an effect on the formation of all institutions.

Stating that the constitution should be seen as a comprehensive matter and cannot be looked at selectively and that the constitution means that all its principles should be taken into consideration by the executives involved, Raisi said: Although the constitution has specialists in the university, all students of different fields including law, economics And other fields must be familiar with the Constitution, and units are required to inform other students about the Constitution; The Constitution should not be reduced to the field of law and all graduates in the field of implementation should be familiar with the Constitution.

By stating that the behavior of the officials should be in accordance with the constitution, the president noted: Our support for Gaza and Palestine is based on the constitution and supporting the oppressed is one of the duties of the Islamic State and is one of the foundations of our foreign policy and we cannot Stop supporting Palestine. From the very beginning of the revolution, the issue of supporting Palestine was raised by the Imam, and it is still on the government’s agenda today.

He continued: Today, the curtains are being removed and the truth of this position has been proven. The killings and injustice and oppression of the racist Zionist regime and the righteousness of the Palestinian people were revealed in the demonstrations of the people in the world.

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