Qeshm Air’s income of 2400 billion tomans in 1401 / payment of 370 million tomans in consulting fees to 2 board members – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, in a part of the report of the country’s audit organization, it is stated about Qeshm Air;

In the reported financial year (1401), in the period from 08/01/1401 to 10/14/1401, the sale of tickets for the Tehran-Istanbul-Tehran route was carried out by the reported company, but due to this period being in the season of reduced flights. This action has led to a decrease in the company’s income.

In the financial year under report, the amount of 3692 million Rials (369 million and 200 thousand Tomans) was paid as consulting fee to 2 non-commissioned members of the board of directors, and it was not ensured that the said payment was in accordance with the provisions of Article 134 of the amendment of the Trade Law for the audit organization.

In paragraph 2-9 of the report of the audit organization, it is stated: the follow-up of the company to fulfill the tasks stipulated in the ordinary general meeting of shareholders on July 31, 1401 in the cases listed in paragraphs 2, 4, 7 and 13 of this report and the following cases have not reached a definitive result;

one thousand- Determining the task of purchasing a piece of land with an area of ​​38 thousand square meters from Qeshm Free Zone Organization and advance payment in the amount of 102 billion Rials.

B- Settlement of 188 billion Rials from the head of advance payments towards the inventory of materials and goods at the value of work in previous years.

According to rahnam, in the profit and loss section of the audit organization’s report for the financial year ending on March 29, 1401, Qeshm Airlines operating income increased by 18% compared to 1400 to 23637795 million Rials (2 thousand 363 billion 779 million Tomans). Is.

The income of this company in 1400 was about 2000 billion tomans. The cost of operating income of Qeshm Air last year was about 1800 billion tomans and its gross profit was about 570 billion tomans.

The operating profit per share of Qeshm Air was 11 thousand 837 Rials in 1400, which has decreased to 7 thousand 659 Rials with a negative growth of 35.2% in 1401. Qeshm Air’s non-operating profit per share was 596 rials last year.

According to the report of the audit organization, the number of Qeshm Air contract employees in 1400 was 945, which increased to 992 in 1401.

Also, Qeshm Airlines earned about 58 billion Tomans from the sale of domestic charter flights last year. These revenues were reported by the audit organization while the CEO of Qeshm Air has always emphasized on not selling charter tickets on domestic flights.

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