Minister of Health is looking for the list of 62 rare drugs for veterans!/ The informant promised to solve this problem two and a half months ago – rahnam

rahnam News Agency – Cultural Group – Zahra Bakhtiari: Medicine, treatment and medical services are one of the most essential needs of a human being to continue living. A need that is in the priority of all the needs of a person. An issue that if affected by costs or shortages, not only the sick person himself, but his family will experience a mental crisis.

Veterans, especially neuropsychological and chemical veterans, are among the patients who have to take medicines that are expensive and in short supply for the rest of their lives. It is the responsibility of the government to prepare and provide it with the cooperation of organizations such as the Martyr Foundation and the Affairs of Veterans, the Ministry of Health and Medicine, and the Ministry of Silence, etc.

Martyrs, Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation, First Vice President,

But it seems that the problem of providing medicine continues and the veterans have to deal with this problem in addition to other problems. Mohammad Mirzabigi, Vice President of Health and Treatment of the Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation on 6 Shahrivar also announced: “Currently, there are very urgent needs for the medical issues of our target community, for which we do not have similar domestic production or the quality is not very favorable, so we have to get it from abroad. The country should be prepared.

Mohammad Mokhbar, the first vice president, also visited the mental health veterans’ hospital on October 2, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari (AS) and the Holy Defense Week, and after hearing the problems of the veterans, he said: “When the country needed great people to defend its borders. Islamic Iran gave their lives and health, and now that they need services and support, their problems and their families should be taken care of with all our might.”

Also, in this meeting, it was decided that by providing financial resources, some urgent problems of the asylum, such as construction facilities, necessary equipment, and the supply of medicine, have been solved, and the Martyr and Veteran Affairs Foundation has also planned to provide 62 items of medicine for these patients in a better way. Do the necessary and follow up until the result is achieved.

Now, after two and a half months, there is still the problem of getting medicine with the same problems faced by the veterans. A chemical veteran living in Tehran said in an interview with rahnam news agency: “It’s been three days since I left work and life and came to Shiraz to avoid the polluted air of the capital.” Although the air here is polluted, I had no other choice.

He complained about the lack of basic medicines and said that Serotide spray, which is an important medicine especially for chemical veterans, is hard to find and if we get hold of it, it is not of good quality and causes hoarseness.

This chemical veteran says: the preparation of medicine is not only related to its lack or absence. Sometimes, in order to take a very ordinary pill, for example, 10 pills are written for veterans according to the doctor’s prescription, the pharmacy is enough to give only 5-6 pills and says: “Day insurance does not cover all medicines.” Or, due to the weak body of a chemical veteran, the doctor prescribes all kinds of vitamins, but these drugs are not covered by insurance and have high prices.

While complaining about the pharmacy of Imam Khomeini Hospital, he said: They reject the entire prescription of the veteran, and when I inquired about the reason, they said: because they have trouble getting approval from the insurance company, and they may not be able to pay all their money. receive, they do not wrap the veterans’ version.”

Martyrs, Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation, First Vice President,

After the first vice president’s order, it seems that this order remains the same as the meeting and there is no news of new follow-ups and effective measures. Because the Minister of Health and Medicine also asked the reporter to send the list of these drugs to the public relations of the ministry last Wednesday on the sidelines of the government meeting regarding the follow-up of 62 items of essential drugs for veterans!

The question is whether the Ministry of Health has not been able to collect the list of medicines after the order of the first deputy in the last two and a half months?

Is it the duty of the Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Foundation to follow up on the supply of these drugs and provide the list to the relevant institutions or a reporter?

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