Major General Bagheri: The Iraqi government will continue its actions until the complete disarmament of terrorist groups – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency’s defense group, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of the General Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces, met and talked with Abdul Amir Kamel al-Shammari in continuation of his travel plans to Iraq this morning, Sunday.

In this meeting, Major General Bagheri, while appreciating the Iraqi government and armed forces for ensuring the security and peace of the Arbaeen Hosseini pilgrims’ journey and expressing his satisfaction regarding the increase in peace and stability in Iraq, said: the long common border of 1500 kilometers between Iran and Iraq should be a border of friendship, trade And tourism is safe.

While appreciating the Iraqi government for keeping the anti-revolutionary groups away from the borders of the region, he emphasized: there are still evidences and concerns about the presence of some terrorist elements in the borders, and the Iraqi government is expected to continue its actions until the complete disarmament of these groups.

Major General Bagheri suggested one of the ways to achieve full border security is planning and joint activities of border guard forces.

The Minister of Interior of Iraq, while appreciating the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their worthy cooperation with the Iraqi government and armed forces to ensure border security, considered border control as one of the priorities of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior.

At the end of this visit, Major General Bagheri visited the exhibition of defense equipment and signed the memorial office of the Ministry of Interior of Iraq.

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