Destruction of gambling and betting gangs in Mazandaran/ Extensive money laundering by the accused by deceiving the youth/ 16 main accused were arrested – rahnam

According to the Tasinem news agency from Sari, Sardar Vahid Majid, explaining this news, announced: With operational action, intelligence elites and the round-the-clock efforts of cyber detectives in the FATA police complex of Mazandaran, all the members of this online gambling gang numbering 108 people and 16 main accused in the cities Mazandaran province was identified and they were summoned to this police or arrested after obtaining judicial permission.

Referring to the blocking of 100 rental bank cards that were included in the money laundering cycle by the defendants, he stated: In the investigations, it was found that all the arrested members were organized and networked to prepare bank cards and By creating numerous pages on the social network Instagram with false advertisements and deceiving users, especially young people, they started gambling activities online.

This senior cyber official added: Experts have estimated the fraudulent turnover at over one thousand billion Rials, equivalent to one hundred billion Tomans.

He stated: In line with the interaction and cooperation of the FATA police, the judiciary and the central bank, we are fortunately witnessing a reduction in the number of violations and crimes in the field of betting and gambling, and with the implementation of operational plans, pre-hand monitoring and necessary measures in the field of situational prevention with seriousness. We will deal with this ominous phenomenon, criminal and contrary to religious teachings.

Regarding the criminality of these sites, the head of the country’s cyber police said: if members win, there is no guarantee of receiving a prize or money. They don’t have it in their account and they will lose all their capital easily.

Sardar Vahid Majid, while stating that the audience and deceived people of this criminal process are mostly the young people of the country, asked the citizens to take FATA police’s recommendations seriously and always watch out for the tricks of fraudsters and profiteers, and if you see any suspicious cases, report the matter through the emergency center. Cyber ​​with the number 096380 or the official site of FATA police at

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