Denying the contamination of Iran’s exported shrimp/ a shipment from China was not returned – rahnam

Mehdi Tangestani, director general of veterinary medicine of Bushehr province, in a conversation with the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, denied the return of the exported shrimp from China due to sewage pollution and stated: All shrimp exported to China or other countries are produced and exported based on their health recipes and have Identification code.

Stating that most of the country’s shrimps are produced and exported in this province, he added: From the beginning of this year until today, 11,400 tons of shrimps produced in Bushehr province have been exported and we have not had any returns from China or other countries.

The general director of veterinary medicine of Bushehr province stated that it is practically impossible to have sewage contamination in shrimp and continued: Our shrimp farms also have advanced devices and the shrimp itself is highly sensitive to contamination and will be lost if there is contamination.

He clarified: The farmed shrimp farms are far from the sewage channels that flow into the sea, and pollution is not transmitted.

Tangestani stated: There are veterinarians in all shrimp farming farms and they conduct clinical examinations and supervise all stages of production to processing and packaging and storage for export.

The general director of veterinary medicine of Bushehr province continued: These measures are also carried out for the supply of shrimp in the domestic market, and after the shipment certificate is issued, they are allowed to leave the farm and sell in the market.

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