Ardabilis’ magnificent welcome to the martyr defender of the shrine/ People embraced “Shahid Akbari” – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Ardabil, the city of Ardabil today smelled of martyrdom and martyrdom and the tears of lovers of martyrdom and martyrdom were flowing uncontrollably.

The holy body of the Martyr Sardar, the defender of the shrine “Hasan Akbari”, entered the city of Ardabil today, Sunday, the 12th of Azar, amidst the enthusiastic reception of the martyr-loving people of Ardabil, and the ceremony of welcoming the body of this martyr was held at eight o’clock in the morning in the Shahid Ghafoor Jedi Square of Ardabili (Eithar) in Ardabil.

Martyr General Hasan Akbari Ardabili, who was a veteran of 55% of the holy defense era, was killed in December 1395 while cleaning the Tadmar area in the suburbs of Aleppo (Khantoman) in Syria.

The holy body of this holy shrine defender along with seven shrine defender martyrs has returned to the homeland after eight years of identification.

In addition, a night ceremony with the martyr will also be held after Maghrib and Isha prayers in the Grand Mosque of Nair city with the presence of various people.

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