Zionist security source: Hamas managed to completely deceive Israel / Tel Aviv suffered a strategic defeat – rahnam

According to rahnam International News Agency, although two months have passed since the Gaza war, new aspects of the Israeli intelligence and security failure in this war are revealed every day, and how the Palestinian resistance managed to surprise this regime on October 7.

In a report for the same purpose, the Zionist newspaper Jerusalem Post yesterday quoted Israeli security sources as saying that the regime’s security and intelligence services, including Aman, Shabak and Mossad, had failed to monitor information related to Hamas attacks against military bases and Zionist settlements around the Strip. Gaza admitted and announced that the Hamas command was able to bypass the Israeli intelligence apparatus.

This Hebrew newspaper reported, quoting an Israeli security source, that Hamas completely deceived Israel before the attack on October 7 (Al-Aqsa storm) and that the Israeli army was completely blindsided and suffered a strategic failure. Yahya al-Sanwar, the head of Hamas in Gaza, and “Mohammed al-Dhaif,” the commander of al-Qassam battalions (the military branch of Hamas), acted very carefully at the intelligence level and exchanged messages with confidential methods.

According to this Zionist security source, Al-Sanwar and Al-Dhaif were well aware of Israel’s intelligence surveillance and used secret methods to send messages between themselves. This is despite the fact that none of the Israeli intelligence services and even the Mossad did not understand this issue, and the result was that the borders were left unattended and guarded.

In the end, the Jerusalem Post reported, quoting the security sources of the Zionist regime, that some of Israel’s spying tools fell into the hands of Hamas during the army operation in southern Gaza in 2018, and it is possible that Hamas has decoded this information with the help of its allies. .

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