The defeat in the 1400 election is the reason for the removal of Karbaschi from the general secretary of brokers/Marashi can be the candidate of 1404 – rahnam

According to the correspondent of rahnam news agency, the first meeting of the new Central Council of the Construction Agents Party was held on Thursday (December 9), and Seyed Hossein Marashi was elected as the party’s general secretary for the second time, and Mohsen Hashemi remained as the head of the party’s central council.

From the beginning of the establishment of the Construction Agents Party on the eve of the fifth parliamentary elections in the second government of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani until now, Gholamhossein Karbaschi, the former mayor of Tehran, was in charge of the general secretary, but on November 18, 1400, Mohammad Atrianfar announced the sudden election of Marashi instead of Karbaschi.

The Party of Agents did not give a clear explanation about this at that time, but Akbar Muttajbi, the editor of the party’s organization organ newspaper, said in his editorial today that the choice of Abdul Nasser Hemmati as a candidate in the 1400 presidential election was not without influence on the change of the secretary general, and the efforts of Karbaschi and some in the party to support In the presidential elections of 1400, he became costly for Kerbaschi and his failure to bring people to the polls.

According to him, since the Secretary General is directly responsible for the policies and strategies he chooses and will be criticized if he fails, Karbaschi has changed against his will with the vote of the Central Council; In the new period, Marashi wanted Mohsen Hashemi to become the secretary general of the party, but the party members did not follow his advice and chose Marashi again.

Motjabi has considered the brokers as a fund-oriented party that, if an election with wide participation is to be held, it will be the first party to step forward. Motjabi’s comments indicate that the agents will probably plan for the parliamentary elections, but for now, he has not spoken clearly about this plan.

In the election of 1998, when the reform front refused to introduce the list, the brokers sent a list called Yaran Hashemi to the election campaign. Mohammad Quchani said a while ago that the Reform Front was supposed to support this list, but in the end they left behind the brokers.

In today’s editorial, the references go beyond the parliamentary elections and talk about the 1404 elections. Stating that this party favors the president, Mutjabi claims that some members of the Central Council are of presidential stature from the past and mentions Hossein Marashi, Ishaq Jahangiri and Mohsen Hashemi as potential candidates for 1404.

He wrote that if the conditions are available, the brokers can nominate their general secretary as a presidential candidate and even announce the first vice president and members of the government in advance.

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