Farzin’s emphasis on not transferring problematic assets of “Noor” to “National Bank”/ Central Bank: not even one Natrazi rial will be transferred – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Farshad Mohammadpour; The Deputy Supervisor of the Central Bank stated regarding the transfer of Noor Institute to Melli Bank: Major mergers in the banking system in the past decade were based on the fact that all the positive issues and problems of the source bank were transferred to the destination bank, but the transfer of Noor Institute to Melli Bank is one of the It is the first experience in which we did not transfer the problems.

Emphasizing that 33 quality deposits of Noor Institute have been transferred to National Bank, he clarified: The former Noor Institute had a low rate of money spent, which was lower than the average of the banking system. On the other hand, quality assets, including branches and buildings that do not have legal problems, etc., are also transferred to National Bank.

Mohammadpour said: The President of the Central Bank emphasized that the troubled assets of Noor Institute should not be transferred to National Bank, and therefore, under no circumstances will a single rial of Noor Institution’s non-compliance be transferred to National Bank.

The Deputy Supervisor of the Central Bank emphasized: National Bank is one of the most important banks and it is important for the Central Bank to maintain the stability of the National Bank. We hope that this transfer will improve the conditions of National Bank both in terms of human resources and in terms of expenses and resources, which is definitely the case; Because about 2,000 people, who are mostly young, will be transferred to the National Bank and will solve the problem of lack of personnel.

Emphasizing that the depositors of Noor Institute should not have any worries, he added: All the deposits that were in Noor Institute until Thursday of last week; from today; Saturday, December 11, 1402, is at National Bank, and depositors can manage their deposits and receive even more services by visiting the same branches of Noor Institute, where the National Bank is currently located, for the next two months.

Mohammadpour, referring to the claim of some media that 40 Hamat Natrazi of Noor Institute was transferred to National Bank, said: This claim is not true at all. The numbers and figures are completely transparent and not only one rial of Natrazi has not been transferred from Noor Institute to National Bank; Rather, the assets and deposits transferred from Noor Institute to National Bank are of high quality and there is no doubt about this.

According to the Deputy Supervisor of the Central Bank, the problems of Noor Institute will remain in the same institution and from today, as a non-credit institution, it will only deal with solving previous problems and cases.

According to rahnam’s report, according to the previous announcement of the Central Bank, this bank plans to determine the assignment of 3 credit institutions and one bank by the end of the year; Based on this, the Development Credit Institution was officially dissolved in recent months.

With the announcement of the Central Bank, Noor Ham credit institution was transferred to the Melli Bank of Iran in line with the country’s banking system reform program; On this basis, the deposits, assets, facilities, employees and branches of Noor Credit Institution will be transferred to the National Bank of Iran.

However, at the same time as the news of Noor’s transfer to the National Bank was announced, some comments were made, which brought the reaction of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economy. Yesterday, “Pedram Soltani” claimed in the cyberspace that the central bank transferred 40 thousand billion tomans of the Noor Institute’s disagreement to the National Bank and this amount is taken out of people’s pockets!

On this basis, Mustafa Qamari Wafa; The Public Relations Director of the Central Bank wrote: The publication of #false news in #Etimad_Roznameh does not end! Yesterday, the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economy responded to Pedram Soltani’s accusation about #Noor_Credit_Institute, but the same lie was again published in the Central Bank’s announcement in the Etemad newspaper in order to disturb the public’s mind and appoint this lie! Will the judiciary enter?

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