The Iranian admiral raised; The simultaneous presence of two Iranian destroyers in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea – rahnam

According to the political reporter of rahnam news agency, Admiral Shahram, commander of the Iranian Navy, in a speech before Friday prayers in Tehran, said: The Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, during the 8 years of holy defense, not only defeated the enemy’s military strength. removed the sea, but destroyed its economic artery, which was dependent on oil and Al-Bakr and Al-Umayya platforms, so that it could not manage the economy of the war, in contrast, they kept the economy of our own country and the communication lines of Islamic Iran intact, and the ports and The country’s oil terminals remained active.

He continued: Today, with the blessing of the blood of the martyrs of the 7th of Azar and the martyrs of the Rangers in the 34-day war of Khorramshahr, the strategic naval force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, using my dear comrades with high knowledge and expertise, and using all the country’s capacity in all dimensions, especially The field of industrial and technical knowledge has this honor, and with the blessings of the revolution and the governorship and the wise guidance of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, they will pass the sea route and give this honor to the dear people of our country in 1402 at this historical moment and under the flag of the province.

The Iranian admiral continued: Today, this honor has been given to the Iranians, and all of Iran were present in this great and honorable mission, and their presence was such that they created strategic uncertainties for all countries.

He emphasized: Today, thanks to the blessing of the Islamic Revolution, not in the South Seas, but in the Caspian Sea, the latest scientific and industrial achievement has emerged and is the destroyer of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Maritime safety in the North Sea to carry out the mission.

The Commander of the Army Navy added: One of the missions of the Army Navy is defense diplomacy and the establishment of international relations in the world arena. Today, thanks to the revolution, this mission is being implemented at the highest quality and level.

The Iranian admiral said: There is no place on the planet where the flag of our beloved country, a sacred national and religious symbol, is not raised. Relying on your power and good prayers and the strategic view of the Commander-in-Chief and implementing the orders, our comrades will keep the flag raised in the best and most beautiful form in all parts of the seas and oceans of the world.

The Iranian admiral continued: Today, the same mission of 8 years of sacred defense in opening communication lines and ensuring the security of seafaring for all dear sailors in the field of commercial and oil tankers is being implemented by the capable hands of my dear comrades with maximum power and high quality.

Referring to the ongoing missions of this force, he said: Today, we have the honor that the Jamaran destroyer is engaged in securing shipping in the Gulf of Aden, and the Alborz destroyer is also responsible for this mission in the Red Sea.

The Iranian admiral, while emphasizing the activities of the navy in the field of maritime security, said: Today, the maritime economy is provided with the highest quality with the help of my comrades in terms of security, and the dear sailors who take steps in this field and provide the prosperity of the country’s economy. They live in complete safety.

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