The final text of the seventh development plan bill was published – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, the seventh five-year development plan bill was submitted to the Islamic Council on June 28 this year, consisting of 24 chapters, 58 sub-chapters, 118 articles, 408 clauses, 86 sub-sections and 55 notes, and the process of dealing with it is based on Article 180 of the Statute Law. The internal affairs of the Islamic Council started in the consolidation committee from the beginning of July, and the members of the parliament began to examine it in the public hall of the assembly from October 3rd, and finally the examination of this bill was completed on December 1st, and it was sent to the Guardian Council in order to comply with the Islamic holy law and the constitution. has been sent.

The seventh five-year development plan will be implemented from the beginning of 1403 to the end of 1407 AH.

The full and final text of the Seventh Plan Bill, which consists of 24 chapters, 118 articles and 33 additional articles Here look.

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