The fifty-seventh day of “Al-Aqsa storm”. Gaza under the heavy attacks of the Zionists / continuation of the retaliatory response of the Palestinian resistance – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, the Gaza Strip is still under intense and heavy attacks by the Zionists following the end of the temporary ceasefire and its non-renewal, which was accompanied by the disruption of the Israeli regime.

The Ministry of Health of Palestine announced in the Gaza Strip that the number of martyrs of today’s attacks by the Israeli occupation has reached 178 people. 589 people were injured in these attacks.

On the other hand, in response to the killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the Palestinian resistance targeted the occupied city of Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon and other Zionist settlements around Gaza with its retaliatory rocket attacks.

In just one hour, the fighters of the Lebanese Hezbollah have carried out five operations against the settlements and military bases of the Zionist regime on the border of Lebanon and occupied Palestine in response to the crimes of this regime against the defenseless people of the Gaza Strip and have caused casualties and damages to the enemy.

Dear audience, you can follow the most important developments of the 57th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation below:


03:14- Syrian Ministry of Defense: Israel targeted targets in the suburbs of Damascus

The Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement and announced: At around 1:35 am today, the Israeli enemy targeted some places around the city of Damascus from the side of the occupied Syrian Golan, and our country’s air defense system countered the enemy’s missile attacks and more He shot them down and (this attack) only caused material damage.

2:46- Zionists shelled Suhal Khan Younes and Rafah

The war boats of the Zionist regime extensively shelled the beaches of Khan Yunis and Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip.

Al Jazeera’s reporter also reported on the conflict between the Palestinian resistance and the Zionist military in the east of Khan Yunis and the south of Gaza City.

02:41- New Zionist attack on Jenin/attack on Jericho

News sources reported shooting at the Zionist occupying forces around the city of Jenin. More details of this shooting have not been published.

Local Palestinian sources also reported the sounding of sirens in the city of Jenin and the camp of this city.

The Palestinian Shahab news agency also reported that the Zionist occupying forces attacked the city of Jenin.

Lebanon’s al-Manar reported that clashes between Palestinian fighters and occupation forces are ongoing in this city.

Local Palestinian sources reported that a Palestinian youth was wounded by the occupation forces in Jenin and the occupation forces prevented the ambulance from reaching the scene of the incident.

Al Jazeera reporter reported that the Israeli occupation forces attacked the outskirts of Jenin, Qalqilyeh, Hebron and the villages of Beita in the south of Nablus and Badia in the west of Salfit.

The Israeli occupying forces attacked al-Awja town in the north of Jericho and al-Aghwar with 5 armored vehicles and personnel carriers.

There have been reports of clashes between Palestinian youths and the occupying forces in the city of Yatta, south of Hebron.

02:12- Palestine Information Office: Rafah crossing is operating as usual

The Palestinian Information Office denied media reports about the closure of the Rafah crossing.

The media office of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza announced: The Rafah border crossing is working as usual today, Saturday, and we deny the rumors that it is closed.

01:54- Artillery attacks of the Zionist regime on southern Lebanon

The Zionist regime targeted several areas in southern Lebanon with its artillery attacks and fired flares at them.

Lebanon’s official news agency reported that the Israeli army targeted the areas of Kharaj Kunin and Aitron in the south of the country with more than 50 mortar shells.

01:49 – Heavy fighting in the east of the city of “Deir al-Balah” in the center of Gaza

Local Palestinian sources reported a fierce conflict between the Palestinian resistance and the Zionist occupying forces in the east of the city of Deir al-Balah in the center of Gaza.

01:43- Extensive deployment of armored vehicles of the Zionist regime in Nablus

The Zionist soldiers attacked the town of “Bita” in the south of Nablus, located in the West Bank, with armored vehicles this morning. More details of this attack have not been published.

01:24- The rocket attack of the Lebanese resistance on the artillery positions of the Zionist regime

The fighters of the Islamic resistance of Lebanon targeted the artillery positions of the Zionist regime in the “Dishon” area in the occupied territories with Katyusha “Grad” rockets, which hit the intended targets.

01:14- Al-Mayadeen: Rafah crossing was closed

News sources reported the closure of the Rafah crossing on the Gaza-Egypt border.

Al-Mayadeen reported that the Rafah crossing was evacuated from both sides and the trucks stationed on the Egyptian side also left.

00:54- Palestinian resistance drone attack on the gathering of armored vehicles of the Zionist regime

Al-Qassam Brigades released a video in which they targeted the gathering of enemy troops and armored vehicles in the north of the central Gaza area with 3 “Zawari” suicide drones.

00:47- Siren activation in Al-Jalil in occupied Palestine

Such news sources reported the sounding of sirens in the Al-Jalil region in occupied Palestine.

00:40- Repeated bombing of Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip

The fighter jets of the Zionist regime bombarded areas in the east of Khan Yunis, located in the south of the Gaza Strip, which led to the martyrdom and wounding of many other defenseless people.

00:36- Re-sounding the danger alarm in the Zionist settlements

News sources reported that the danger alarm sounded again in the Zionist settlements of Sderot, Ivim and Niraam around the Gaza Strip.

00:32- Disclosure of the donation of rock-crushing bombs by the United States to the Zionist regime

A western media revealed the donation of rock-crusher bombs by the American government to the Zionist regime to kill people and further destroy the Gaza Strip under the pretext of confronting the resistance.(news link)

00:31- Zionist media: We must coordinate with the Americans for the mechanism to end the war

The Zionist media announced: If the United States of America says that the war must stop, “Israel” cannot oppose it.

Al-Mayadeen also reported, quoting the Zionist media: “For the mechanism of ending the war, we must coordinate with the Americans, otherwise we will fall into a quagmire that we do not know how to get out of.”

00:07- The preparation of the Palestinian resistance for all options and scenarios

Dawood Shahab, one of the leaders of the Islamic Jihad movement, announced: The Palestinian resistance is ready for all options and scenarios.
He added: Israel will never be able to get what it could not get from the resistance through negotiations, through bombing and aggression.
Israel’s claim about safe zones in the Gaza Strip is a “lie”.(news link).

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