The development of suburban transport in Tehran is a great solution to reduce traffic and air pollution in the capital – rahnam

Mr. Mohsen Porsaid; In an interview with the social reporter of rahnam news agency, a member of the academic staff of the University of Science and Technology said about the construction of the Parand subway: an important part of Tehran’s traffic is caused by the entry and exit of private cars from around the capital. The traffic load in the city of Tehran is much more bearable until almost 550,000 people’s cars enter and leave it from around Tehran and its suburbs every day. This means that the highways entering and exiting the city are closed in the morning and evening. The traffic load is locked inside the city and Tehran faces difficult conditions.

He stated that a serious solution to reduce traffic in Tehran is to equip the satellite cities of Tehran with a proper transportation system, he said that not only Perand, but the rest of the cities around Tehran should also be equipped with a regular rail system so that people do not need a car. Don’t have a person and don’t spend traffic and car expenses for them and move around by subway and rail transportation.

Mr. Poursyd Aghaei noted: Of course, the rail vehicle that moves people between cities is not necessarily the subway, but the railway network can also help us in this regard; like the Peshwa path; Generally, in developed cities, there are three suburban transportation systems, suburban rail transportation and subway.

This faculty member of the University of Science and Technology stated that the Parand subway helps a lot in solving traffic problems and said: The subway and the rail transportation network of the suburbs are not of the same kind and technically this is wrong. We extended a metro line to Parand, if the suburban transport route is different in terms of standards, ground level, distance between trains and the capacity it should have. Something like Karaj, which is not actually a metro, and a real suburban transportation can be seen on Line 5 of the Tehran Metro. The type of train line 5 is different and its capacity is different.

He pointed out: We should build suburban trains more detailed and stronger and connect them with metro networks. Like Tehran-Karaj, which has an intersection with line 4 in one place, and if it could have an intersection with other lines, it would become a very convenient rail transportation system where people could easily connect to Tehran and then to the inner city lines. ; This method is more scientific. In any case, no matter how much we can transfer people from other cities to Tehran by train, it can significantly reduce the number of cars and reduce traffic in the city.

Saying that this incident will make people move around in less time and it will have many benefits, Mr. Poursyd Aghaei said: People’s time will be regulated because traffic in Tehran is unpredictable. A route that may take an hour on one day is two hours on another day. Experts may not have examined the economic calculation of the effect that traffic has on people’s minds, but the stress caused by staying in traffic has a great effect on people’s social relations. All this can help people move more comfortably when we have a proper rail transportation system.

This faculty member of the University of Science and Technology noted: We hope this will be implemented for other routes such as Pardis, Hashtgerd and Varamin (where one line goes there, but it is not enough); Two separate lines were supposed to be designed and implemented for Varamin, which have not yet been implemented.

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