Ministry of Economy: The transfer of Noor Institute does not cause any disharmony to National Bank – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Mehdi Mohammadi, the head of the Ministry of Economy’s Communication and Information Center, gave an explanation about the transfer of deposits and part of Noor Credit Institution’s assets to National Bank:

In the process of transfer, no discrepancy was transferred to National Bank, in this process, only about 33 hemats of deposits of Noor Institute were transferred to National Bank and the equivalent was transferred from the institution’s assets to the bank.

Other debts of Noor Institute, including the debt due to overdraft from the central bank, will be determined in the settlement process, and the National Bank will not bear any responsibility or loss.

Contrary to past experiences, for the first time in the country, the model of purchase and commitment, which is a global standard model for determining the duties of insolvent banks, was used, which promises to establish a banking system in Iran.

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