Meteorology of Iran 09/10/1402; Warning of increase in air pollution in 8 cities/ Tehran’s air is polluted until Monday – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, the general forecast of synoptic and future-looking maps Meteorological Organization It shows that during the next 5 days in most regions of the country, the atmosphere will be calm and stable, which will increase the concentration of atmospheric pollutants and decrease the air quality in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Arak, Isfahan and Tabriz.

Today, it will be cloudy, scattered showers and gusts of wind on the shores of the Caspian Sea, and in the afternoon hours, an increase in clouds and scattered showers is expected in the highlands of Hormozgan, South Sistan and Baluchistan, and Kerman.

Next Saturday and Sunday, scattered showers and wind are predicted for the heights of eastern Hormozgan and southern Sistan and Baluchistan in the afternoon.

System description: air stability

End time: Monday 09/13/1402

Type of danger: relative stillness of the air along with the increase in the concentration of atmospheric pollutants and the decrease in air quality

Effect area:

Friday 09/10/1402: Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Arak.

Saturday 09/11/1402: Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Arak, Qom, Tabriz.

Sunday 09/12/1402: Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Arak, Qom, Tabriz, Qazvin, Mashhad.

Monday 09/13/1402: Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Arak, Qom, Tabriz, Qazvin, Mashhad.

Risk effect: increasing the concentration of pollutants, increasing the air pollution index to an unhealthy level for sensitive groups, and if pollutant sources (fixed and mobile) are not controlled in high-traffic areas, it is unhealthy for all groups.

Recommendation: Optimal management of fossil fuel consumption, control of polluting industrial activities, reduction of unnecessary traffic and avoidance of outdoor sports, especially for the elderly, children and people with a history of heart and respiratory diseases.

Description of the system: increasing the speed of the wind and increasing the height of the sea waves

Start time: Friday 09/10/1402

End time: Saturday noon, 09/11/1402

Type of hazard: increase in maximum wind speed up to 22 knots and increase in maximum wave height over 1.5 meters, especially in areas far from the coast of Golestan and Mazandaran provinces.

Area of ​​effect: Friday 09/10/1402 and Saturday 09/11/1402: Coastal and offshore areas of Golestan, Mazandaran and Gilan provinces, in the eastern and central regions of the Caspian Sea.

Risk effect: risk of drowning of swimmers and damage to fishing nets, light and recreational vessels and disturbance in coastal and offshore activities. Recommendation: Prohibition of swimming and diving and restrictions on the movement of light and recreational boats and fishing activities, taking necessary measures for entry and exit. Ships to port and offshore industry support activities.

Description of the system: increasing wind speed and sea wave height

Start time: Saturday 09/11/1402

End time: Saturday 09/11/1402

Type of hazard: continuation of northwesterly wind (maximum wind speed up to 22 knots) and maximum wave height in coastal areas up to 1.5 meters and especially far from the coast up to 1.8 meters.

Area of ​​effect: Saturday 09/11/1402: Coastal and offshore areas of Khuzestan and Bushehr provinces, in the Persian Gulf Hazard effect: possibility of damage to vessels, especially light, recreational vessels, disruption of traffic and marine activities, risk of damage to coastal facilities and Offshore and temporary disruption in coastal and offshore activities and oil platforms.

Recommendation: Avoiding recreational activities, sea traffic, especially the traffic of light vessels and fishing and recreational boats, taking the necessary measures for coastal and offshore marine activities, especially the activity of oil platforms.

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