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Dr. Seyed Ahmed Seyed Ali Naghi, in an interview with the social reporter of rahnam news agency, said on the occasion of World AIDS Day: AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a type of viral disease that appears as a result of the body being infected with the HIV virus.

He added: This virus weakens the body’s immune system by destroying important body cells called T lymphocytes that fight disease and infection, and eventually a person becomes susceptible to a series of diseases that the body can normally cope with. to cope

Identification of 24,000 HIV cases in Iran

Regarding the number of HIV cases in the country, Seyed Ali Naghi added: It is estimated that there are currently 46 thousand people living with HIV in Iran, but the number of registered and identified cases of HIV infection in the country is about 24 thousand.

80% of patients are men

He continued: About 20% of people with HIV are women and 80% are men.

Half of the patients have not been diagnosed

Seyed Ali Naghi added: Currently, about half of the infected have been diagnosed, so we must increase the detection rate of infected cases through the expansion of HIV testing in health centers.

In which centers are AIDS diagnosed and treated?

He said: Currently, counseling centers for behavioral diseases diagnose, provide counseling and free treatment for sufferers; HIV testing is done free of charge at counseling centers for behavioral diseases; Also, counseling and prescribing medicine in these centers for HIV patients is completely confidential, and a 12-digit code is assigned to each infected person so that there is no need to register the national code of these people, so that people can visit the centers with confidence. and receive the necessary treatment.

According to him, there is at least one counseling center for behavioral diseases in every province. (Click here to get the addresses of the centers)

The most common way of virus transmission in Iran

The research assistant of the Iranian AIDS Research Center said about the most common ways of HIV transmission in Iran: In the 70s, the main way of HIV transmission was through injecting drug addiction, but now the virus transmission through unprotected sex is the main way of transmitting the virus from one person to another. and includes 58% of virus transmission cases; Transmission through the infected mother to the fetus is also another way of transmitting the virus, which accounts for a very small percentage of cases.

Can AIDS be treated with medicine?

Stating that HIV drugs are being produced in the country in addition to imports, he clarified: by taking these drugs, which are prescribed in behavioral disease counseling centers and provided to patients free of charge, the possibility of the virus being transmitted from an infected person to other people Salem reaches about zero.

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