Haj Ali Akbari: Basij is the solution to all the country’s problems/ The resistance network showed that it is with the Palestinian people – rahnam

According to the political correspondent of rahnam news agency, Hojjatul Islam Haj Ali Akbari, the preacher of Friday prayers in Tehran, referring to the recent meeting of the Basijians with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, said: From the statement of the leader of the revolution, we found that the real Basij was the imam himself and the school of the imam, and in this meeting the leader of the revolution They constantly refer and invite Basijians to study the Imam’s life.

He also stated that maximum de-threat is one of the pillars of Basij and said: The second pillar of Basij is to create maximum capacity for a better life and progress of the country. On the one hand, Basij stands against its enemies and threats, and on the other hand, it considers itself as the servant of the nation in natural hazards and relief or in scientific activities far from the Ment, without drawing a line for these issues or looking at religion and ethnicity.

Haj Ali Akbari added: Basij is a culture and does not fit in the heart of the organization. Basij culture does not know time and is beyond time. Martyr of Modares is an exemplary Basij who stood against threats and temptations. I hope that this spirit of Martyr Modares exists in our parliament and members of parliament. Mirza Kuchach Khan was also a Basiji and acted with Basiji thinking.

The temporary imam of Tehran reminded: In the 48-day war, Basiji thought showed itself, and today’s resistance in Palestine is the result of this leading Basiji thinking. Mobilization is both beyond time and beyond organizations.

Ali Akbari continued: Although the Basij organization is the flagship and leader in this field, any organization that has the fragrance of Basij’s thinking and religious life is a powerful force of Basij. Like the army, which has had figures like martyr Sayad Shirazi in the past, and today its commanders are an example of Basiji.

He emphasized: Anyone who works for the realization of a strong Iran in scientific collections is also Basij. The government and the person of the president who is currently serving is Basiji. The government provides great services to the people, and Parand Metro was an example. The government has accelerated the delivery of services and continues its work in this field far from the margins.

Speaking to the government officials, the interim Friday imam of Tehran stated that there are other expectations from the government and said: You have shown that you can open big knots in the country – including controlling the gold and foreign exchange market to a large extent through control and supervision. – In the market of goods and their price, especially the price of housing, implement your actions more than before so that better days for people’s livelihood will emerge.

Haj Ali Akbari reminded: We hope that the parliament will be able to provide more assistance to people’s livelihood by approving bills during the remaining period of its service life and that the judiciary will provide more work in people’s affairs. Basij is the solution to all the country’s problems.

In another part of his Friday prayer sermons, referring to the situation of the war in Gaza, he stated: The Al-Aqsa storm operation is the beginning of de-Americanization, and this is the most important achievement of this operation, which is not only for Muslims or for the Palestinians or the region, but for the whole world and a strong slap to America’s black face was played.

The temporary imam of Tehran reminded: On the one hand, the Al-Aqsa storm operation itself is miraculous, and on the other hand, we are witnessing the defiance of the Zionist regime, which has broken all borders, and at the same time, we are witnessing the resistance of the people of Gaza, which we do not know what to call it. described and appreciated it.

Haj Ali Akbari emphasized: “During this war, we witnessed the coordinated presence of the resistance network alongside the Palestinian people, from the heroic Yemen to the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi, and the Syrian resistance to Iran, which stood like a mountain behind this axis of resistance and surprised everyone. .

He continued: During this war, the level of shamelessness and indecency and, of course, the terrorism of the Americans and the Zionists increased, as well as the level of dishonesty of the officials of some Muslim countries, who did not even want to cut ties with the Zionist regime and participated in the meetings with difficulty. promoted

Temporary imam of Tehran stated: It must be said that the lack of character of some international organizations showed itself in this war, that they are not effective in preventing the war crimes of the Zionist regime. The world witnessed it.

Haj Ali Akbari emphasized: This regime, in its imagination, emphasized on evacuating the people of Gaza, destroying Hamas and returning prisoners through military attack and not negotiations, but we saw that none of its goals were achieved and after negotiations with Hamas, the exchange of prisoners was carried out.

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