Free gas bill and receiving bonus on the condition of reducing consumption by 10 to 35% – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Moslem Rahmani, the director of gas supply coordination of Iran National Gas Company, said about this year’s gas tariffs: Gas tariffs have not changed this year compared to 1401. This year, the distance between the stairs has increased to 100. In some areas, about 80 percent of subscribers (both urban and rural) have non-conventional uses; For example, in a house, 7 heaters are on at the same time.

In explaining the increase in gas consumption by the commercial sector in winter, the gas supply coordination director of the National Gas Company of Iran said: The commercial sector (including restaurants) consumes approximately 5 million cubic meters per day in the summer; But in winter, this number reaches 49.5 or 50 million cubic meters.

Stating that the comfortable temperature for commercial centers is 18 degrees, he explained: For two or three years, heaters or burners have been used in the open spaces of restaurants and commercial centers in the country. Also, in some affluent areas, they use outdoor pools or balconies with electric or gas heaters, which means wasting 100% of resources that can be exported; In addition, this issue also causes environmental pollution.

According to him, the consumption of 1.3% of high-consumption subscribers is nearly 5% of the total consumption of the domestic sector, i.e. 5 billion cubic meters.

The Director of Coordination of Gas Supply Affairs of the National Gas Company of Iran stated that according to this year’s government resolution regarding saving bonus, a good opportunity has been provided and if the subscribers consume 10-35% less in the period from December 16 to March 15 compared to the same period last year, from The reward is more than 10 times the average price of the first 3 steps.

Rahmani emphasized: With these interpretations, subscribers will not only not pay a fee, but will also receive an amount as a saving bonus and will see it in their bill; For example, if a subscriber in Tehran turns off a heater in his home that is always on for 4 hours a day, this reward will undoubtedly be included.

According to this report, about 70% of subscribers comply with the consumption pattern, and the number of very high-consumption subscribers who consume more than three times the gas consumption pattern includes less than 1.3% of the subscribers, who were requested to manage consumption together. Pay less gas and with optimal consumption, help to provide stable gas in the cold days of the year.

At the same time, the National Iranian Gas Company has also announced the encouragement of high-consumption subscribers in the new gas tariff reform regulation and announced: the consumption pattern is such that in the first three tiers, low-consumption subscribers are located, and about 70% of consumption belongs to this tier. has it. The next stairs will be according to the users with medium consumption, high consumption and very high consumption, while the range of consumption has also increased from 75 cubic meters to 100 cubic meters; From the beginning of 1402, the scope of consumption for the mentioned 12 stairs will be 100 cubic meters, while despite the increase in the scope of consumption, the tariffs have not changed and will be applied the same as last year, and only on stairs 11 and 12, per cubic meter, 5 and 6 thousand tomans are received.

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