4-month delay of the national pension fund in the payment of the “salary of some retired educators!” – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, on November 25, 1402, a news article entitled “When will the salaries of the retired educators of Shahrivar and Mehr be paid?” We published in rahnam that the officials of the National Pension Fund had announced about the delay in the payment of the salaries of retired educators 402:

“In September and October this year, a total of 53,000 educators have retired, of which 30,000 have received their salaries at the end of October and after completing their files. Another 13,000 of the 50,000 educators have retired. At the end of November this month, they will receive their salaries along with the arrears of October, while the rest of these people have not been paid their salaries due to the lack of a pension order and return to work in education and training, and another part of them have not received their pension due to a defect in their pension file. They have not realized that they will receive their pension as soon as their cases are completed.”

In continuation, Reza Muslimi; The General Technical Director of the National Pension Fund had said about the details of the establishment and payment of the salaries of newly retired employees from the Ministry of Education and Culture: “Since October of this year, 65,400 employees of the Ministry of Education and Culture have retired or are on the verge of retirement; until (Saturday, November 27, 1402) for the number of 53 thousand and 400 cultural workers who have retired, according to the sending of the necessary documents and documents by the executive body of the place of employment, a definitive retirement order has been issued; issued, 30,596 people have received their pensions in “Mehrmah”.

There are a limited number of retirees who have been issued a pension order, but because the date of the order was issued after the date of calculation of their salaries in November, they will receive their pensions together with arrears from December. These loved ones should not worry about their previous months’ salary, because the pension will be calculated and paid from the date of retirement.

According to rahnam, while the officials of the National Pension Fund have announced the payment of the salaries of the educators who retired until September of this year, but according to the documents provided to rahnam, the truth of the claim of the pension fund officials is not confirmed and the salaries of a large part of these retired educators with More than 3 months have passed since the retirement, it has not been deposited yet!

Contrary to the claim of establishing and paying the salaries of retired educators this year, this fund has sent this SMS to those educators who retired in September of this year:

“Hello, your pension documents have been received! National Pension Fund”

There is a serious question from the officials of the country’s pension fund, why should more than 3 months have passed since the retirement date of the dear and hardworking educators of this country, SMS “Receiving documents for establishing pension” It should be sent to these educators in November, while the officials of this fund claimed to pay their pensions from October!

Sending such an SMS from the country’s pension fund in December means that this group of retired educators will not receive any salary in this month, and their first pension will be paid by the pension fund with a delay of 4 months in January next month. became!!

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