Tomaj Salehi was arrested – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Isfahan, Tomah Salehi, who was released not long ago by the decision of the Supreme Court of the country to re-examine his case in the judiciary, was arrested after some false and undocumented comments that he published in cyberspace on the charge of spreading lies and disturbing the public mind. .

After the release of Tomaj Salehi, the mentioned person made undocumented and contradictory claims in cyberspace. In his speech, Tomaj Salehi had claimed to file a complaint against some people, and the review of his recent court case and inquiries from the judicial authorities show that neither this person nor his lawyer have filed any complaint against the bailiff or the judges of the case.

In this context, Hojjat-ul-Islam Wal-Muslimin Jafari, Chief Justice of Isfahan Province, while thanking the efforts of the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman (A.S.), said: “Definitely, judicial cases will be handled regardless of marginalization, and all cases will be handled according to the law.”

Jafari continued: In the case of Tomaj Salehi, according to detailed investigations, all the steps, arrest, interrogation and investigation have been carried out according to the law.

Chief of Justice of Isfahan province, while emphasizing that the law should be the criterion and criterion for decisions in all judicial actions, said: Some people raise issues about the steps and process of people benefiting from legal facilities, this is definitely done according to the law. The arrest in the new judicial case has also been done according to the law, and of course, the records of individuals are effective in making decisions and assigning legal facilities.

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