The fifty-sixth day of “Al-Aqsa storm”. Gaza cease-fire violation again/ Yemeni and Iraqi warning to Tel Aviv/ increase in casualties of Quds operation – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, at the same time as the Qatari, American and Egyptian mediators announced the continuation of efforts and negotiations to renew the temporary ceasefire in Gaza, which will end in a few hours, the resistance groups in Iraq and Yemen this Friday morning to the Israeli regime. They warned that if the attacks and war against Gaza resumes this Friday morning, they will immediately resume their operations against the Zionists and their supporters.

An hour ago, the seventh round of prisoner exchange between Hamas and the Israeli regime took place and the prisoners of both sides were handed over to the Red Cross. At the same time as the exchange of prisoners, Zionist fighters and drones violated the ceasefire by flying over the south of the Gaza Strip.

Follow the most important developments in the morning of the fifty-sixth day of Al-Aqsa storm below:


Declaration of support of Iraqi resistance to the Palestinian people against the Zionists

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced in a statement that if the Zionist attacks on Gaza resume, this movement is ready to confront the aggressors.

Financial Times: The mediators are trying to extend the ceasefire for the eighth day

The Financial Times newspaper quoted American sources as saying that mediators between Hamas and the Israeli regime are trying to extend the ceasefire for the eighth day and then negotiate again on the extension of the ceasefire.

The statement of the Yemeni armed forces in warning to Tel Aviv

🔹 Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, announced that the country’s forces are ready to carry out their anti-Zionist operations against the occupied territories and the Zionist targets in the Red Sea in the event of the resumption of attacks by the Israeli regime. to start

He said that this operation will be stopped only if the Zionists stop their attacks and crimes against the Palestinian people.

Netanyahu’s adviser: We will resume peace with the Arabs after the defeat of Hamas

In an interview with Fox News, one of the advisors of the Israeli Prime Minister claimed that Israel’s compromise with the Arabs is an existential threat to Hamas.

He also said that after the defeat of Hamas, Israel will resume negotiations with the Arab countries.

The Zionists killed themselves again; The increase in the number of dead in the occupied Quds operation

The media of the Israeli regime reported that the soldiers of this regime mistakenly shot at the person who martyred the executors of the martyrdom operation in the occupied Quds city, and his condition is critical.

Minutes before the increase in the number of people killed in the anti-Zionist operation in the occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli media reported four people.

Qatar: 30 Palestinian prisoners will be released against 10 Israeli prisoners

The spokesperson of Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said that in the seventh round of prisoner exchange, 10 Israeli prisoners will be released in exchange for 30 Palestinian prisoners (three to one).

Earlier, Hamas announced that it is willing to release eight Israelis, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar announced that the two Russian prisoners who were voluntarily released yesterday will be on the list of the seventh round, so that the number of prisoners on the Israeli side will be 10.

Zionist Army: The freed hostages were handed over to our side

The army of the Israeli regime confirmed that the freed Israeli prisoners were handed over to the Zionist side after being handed over to the Egyptian side, and they have now entered the occupied territories.

Continued violation of the ceasefire by the Zionists

The fighters and drones of the Israeli army have been continuously flying over the south of the Gaza Strip, especially the city of Khan Yunis, since an hour ago, which is a clear violation of the ceasefire.

There are not nearly seven hours left until the end of the seventh day of the ceasefire, and despite some reports that it may be extended again (at least for one more day), the Zionists are talking about the necessity of resuming the war against Gaza.

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