The empty capacity of 4 automobile companies in the integrated system/ a further decrease in car prices is on the way – rahnam

Mehdi Taghodsi, the manager of the integrated car system, in an interview with the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, said about the new round of car sales in the integrated system: based on the investigations, only 5% of Tigard car registrants have completed the payment.

He added: In addition, only 25% of Car Managers products, 15% of Kerman Motor and 40% of Arian Motor have completed the payment. Accordingly, a large amount of the capacity of these 4 companies is empty and they are required to provide products to the integrated system.

The manager of the integrated system clarified: due to the empty capacities, the integrated system will not be closed and the car supply will be done continuously.

Saying that “applicants should not worry about the closure of the integrated system”, Taghesi said: applicants can purchase the product they need by referring to the integrated system.

Announcing that another part of imported cars will be loaded into the system next week, he said: With the continuous supply of cars in the future, we will see a decrease in prices in the market. Of course, at this stage in the domestic car sector, the sales of super cars in installments are also done by the dealers through an integrated system, which will also be very positive for the applicants.

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